Southeastern Crane Changes Name to Ring Power Crane

Fri November 05, 2004 - Southeast Edition

To capitalize on parent company name recognition, Southeastern Crane has changed its name to Ring Power Crane effective immediately. The change ensures that Ring Power Crane will be easily identified with Ring Power Corp.’s reputation in the heavy equipment industry as a supplier of premier machinery and excellent customer service.

“Changing our name to Ring Power Crane not only umbrellas our company under the Ring Power identity in the marketplace, but also implies Ring Power’s solid reputation for reliability and quality,” said Dallas Johnson, vice president and general manager of Ring Power Crane.

Ring Power Crane, a division of Ring Power Corporation, represents Manitowoc in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and the Caribbean; National in Florida; Grove in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and the Bahamas; Manitex in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina; Broderson in North Carolina; and Potain in Florida and South Carolina.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, Ring Power Crane serves the Southeast United States and Latin America with branch facilities located in Tampa, Hialeah and Pompano Beach, FL; Charlotte, NC; Charleston, SC, and Atlanta, GA.