’Super Lift’ Completed at Cardinals Stadium

Tue March 08, 2005 - West Edition

More than 120 engineers and workers successfully raised the center portion of the retractable roof at the new Cardinals Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

Despite the soggy conditions, the crews elevated the 5,600-ton (5,040 t) roof assembly in the largest single roof lift in North America.  The successful operation now has the roof soaring about 160 ft. (49 m) above the stadium floor making it visible for miles around the Loop 101 and Bethany Home location.

Onlookers and television news crews braved the rain and wind from various vantage points around the stadium site while viewing the huge assembly ascend 120 ft. (36.5 m) to its final resting point atop the four Super Columns.

“Super Lift 2005” began first thing in the morning on Feb. 18. Supporting guy wires were removed from the structure and the trusses were unbolted from their temporary supports on which they had been resting during assembly.

Slowly and carefully, the eight computer controlled strand jacks began tensioning the 432 strand cables which ran down from the jacking frames perched atop the four Super Columns to the ends of the Brunel trusses. Small, incremental lifts of the assembly were done throughout the morning. By 2:45 p.m., the bottom of the Brunel trusses had lifted clear of all the supports.

The initial lift was made to 18 in. (45.7 cm) and the entire structure was allowed to settle while inspections and measurements were taken.  Then the roof structure was lifted to 6 ft. (1.8 m) to allow ironworkers to attach the four transfer girders below the trusses for eventual installation into the notches at the top of the Super Columns.

On Feb. 19, a ceremonial “lift” featuring project and municipal personnel was held. Representing Arizona Sports and Tourism Authority were board members Herman Orcutt and William Peltier.  Representing the Arizona Cardinals were William Bidwill and Michael Bidwill.  For the city of Glendale, Ed Beasley and Joyce Clark were there and for the Fiesta Bowl, John Junker and Ellie Ziegler participated.

The lift progressed that day when crews elected to replace some wedges inside one of the strand jacks on the east side.

“By the end of the day on Saturday, the roof had been elevated 103 ft. (31 m) above the stadium floor,” said Robert S. Aylesworth, executive