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Takeuchi Debuts Zero Tail-Swing Compact Excavator

Wed August 09, 2006 - National Edition

Takeuchi has introduced a new 12,450-lb., zero tail-swing compact excavator, designated the TB153FR.

The TB153FR maintains many of the same features as its predecessor, the TB53FR, while incorporating the latest advancements in productivity, efficiency, accessibility, operator comfort and safety, according to the manufacturer.

The Takeuchi TB153FR, like the TB53FR, combines the advantages of a zero tail-swing excavator with a side-to-side (STS) offset boom system to give the operator the ability to slew 360 degrees within inches of the machine width. This feature offers operators of all experience levels the opportunity to work next to walls, close to traffic and in other limited access areas.

The STS boom design, coupled with a low machine center of gravity, provides the digging speed, stability, power and visibility found in Takeuchi’s conventional excavators as well as the increased functionality of working in confined areas.

An Interference Prevention System controls the boom’s range of motion to prevent the bucket from contacting the operator’s station.

Additional safety features include standard travel alarm, TOPS/FOPS canopy or cab, retractable seat belt and a control tower lockout system of the excavator’s operating controls and travel levers.

Push button controls for the auxiliary hydraulic circuit, horn and engine decelerator are all located on the pilot operated joystick controls for improved operator comfort and productivity. A standard ISO-SAE control pattern selector valve enables operators to quickly choose their preferred operating control pattern and a cast iron, wrap-around counterweight ensures stable, sure-footed operation when handling heavy loads.

The TB153FR features a tilt-up operator’s platform for quick service access, an engine shutdown/return to idle system helps guard against high engine temperature or low oil pressure conditions and a self-bleeding fuel system.

The TB153FR air intake and muffler have been relocated for better airflow and increased cooling efficiency. Also standard on the TB153FR are fully plumbed one- and two-way flow auxiliary hydraulics and a two speed travel system with a maximum ground speed of 3.1 mph (5 kmh).

The TB153FR is available with rubber tracks, a heavy-duty dozer blade, and a TOPS/FOPS four-post canopy or a fully enclosed TOPS/FOPS cab.

Equipped with cab and rubber tracks, the TB153FR weighs 12,450 lbs. (5647 kg), has a maximum dig depth of 12 ft. 10 in. (3.9 m), and a bucket breakout force of 11,076 ft./lbs. (5,024 m/lbs.).

An EPA emission compliant, low noise, 38.8-hp (28.9 kW) Yanmar engine powers the TB153FR’s variable displacement piston pumps, which automatically adjusts digging power and speed to match operating conditions.

New Features

The TB153FR improves upon the prior model with the addition of step-down travel motors which automatically shift from high speed travel to low speed travel when the excavator is turning or ascending a steep grade. Once the turn is complete or the grade levels out, the travel motors automatically return to high speed for increased job-site mobility. The operator no longer has to manually shift the travel speeds as ground conditions change.

Additional advancements in the TB153FR include increased horsepower and arm dig force. A new side access panel, a more spacious engine compartment and a relocated battery have been added, and operators will find increased cabin space, lower engine noise output and air conditioning as a standard feature on all cab units.

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