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Vögele MT 3000-2i Offers Increased Performance

This machine is designed with the contractor in mind for enhanced productivity, low operating costs and maneuverability.

Mon September 28, 2015 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The Vögele MT 3000-2i is a newly desiged material transfer vehicle.
The Vögele MT 3000-2i is a newly desiged material transfer vehicle.

The newly designed MT 3000-2i material transfer vehicle from Vögele offers increased performance in material transfer vehicles for asphalt paving. This machine is designed with the contractor in mind for enhanced productivity, low operating costs and maneuverability, according to the manufacturer.

This high performance unit weighs 56,000 lb. (25,401 kg), with 18-ton (16 t) storage capacity, heavy enough to get the job done, but portable enough to haul to operate on bridges. Its low profile gives it a low center of gravity, and innovations give it an edge in performance and productivity.

The MT 3000-2i can move 1,300 tons (1,179 t) per hour, and active remixing is achieved by two 16-in. (40.6 cm) diameter conical augers in the receiving hopper. Both primary and secondary conveyor belts are 43 in. (109 cm) wide, and are heated to keep material from sticking, and eliminate “warm up” loads. The secondary conveyor can swing 55 deg to left or right. Heated scrapers also keep the belts constantly clean with a minimum of fuss.

Material transfer vehicles eliminate contact between truck and paver, resulting in smoother mats. They also fight thermal and material segregation. Essentially, they provide noncontact paving between truck and paver, and surge capacity to allow the paving process to continue during truck exchanges.

More efficiency is achieved by providing active remixing in its receiving hopper, and a passive remixing in a 17- or 22-ton (15 or 20 t) “receiving insert” in the paver hopper. A grate system in the receiving insert breaks up cold crusts as they enter the insert, allowing smaller clumps to absorb heat from the hotter surrounding mix. This passive remixing insert costs nothing in terms of energy or maintenance, in fact it enhances a lower cost of total ownership, according to the manufacturer.

The receiving hopper empties in advance of the next dump, a rear-tilting front of the hopper will move stray material toward the conical augers. Conical augers themselves minimize end-of-load and start-of-load segregation.

Its extremely efficient feed system has an auto feed function that will automatically slow or shut down feeding when the paver hopper insert is filled, while a maximum delivery override switch will deliver material at maximum throughput for instant filling of the hopper insert. Moreover, a propel system featuring a unique auto distance control keeps the feeder at a pre-set distance from the paver, so the operator can focus only on steering and the trucks dumping in front. In essence, the paver electronically pushes the feeder.

Also a collision bar on the paver insert will halt Vögele pavers if they get too close to the MTV. The water-cooled Deutz engine features 215 hp and is Tier IV-interim emissions-compliant.

While the MT 3000-2i is new to this continent, it is a product that has been developed and used in Europe for decades. For North America, the design has been changed to include swinging conveyors and continuous rubber tracks instead of steel tracks, and it’s based on a proven design, that’s efficient, effective, productive and providing the contractor with ultimate operating performance.

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