Wirtgen Midsize Front-Load Mills Meet Tier IVi Rules

Mon August 25, 2014 - National Edition

These models are available as track-mounted or wheel-mounted machines.
These models are available as track-mounted or wheel-mounted machines.

The Wirtgen W 100 Fi, W 120 Fi and W 130 Fi cold mills affirm Wirtgen’s performance and versatility leadership in the midsized (1-meter) class, while providing the benefits of front-loading by conveyor and Tier IV interim emissions compliance, according to the manufacturer.

This new generation of 1-meter class cold milling machines offers higher performance, improved ergonomics, and is more efficient to operate. These models provide standard working widths of 39 in. (1 m, W 100 Fi), 47 in. (1.2 m, W 120 Fi), and 51 in. (1.30 m, W 130 Fi) with a front-loading system, with all based on a common platform.

The generously dimensioned front-loading conveyor enables swift and smooth loading of the largest quantities of milled material. All three models feature a maximum milling depth of 13 in. (33 cm), and are powered by a six-cylinder Cummins engine generating 320 hp. Their WIDRIVE machine control system from Wirtgen always keeps the engine speed within the optimal range during the milling process.

These models are available as track-mounted or wheel-mounted machines. With front travel drive units that can be raised and lowered hydraulically, and featuring a large steering lock, they’re perfectly designed for narrow bends and flush-to-curb milling. The advance speeds of the W 100 Fi series can be infinitely varied from zero to maximum speed in the milling gears and in travel gear.

The W 100 Fi series’ engine is equipped with a combined two-way catalytic converter and particulate filter to ensure effective exhaust purification. The W 100 Fi series features exceptionally low noise emission and vibration levels, as well as low diesel fuel consumption rates, according to the manufacturer.

The available level pro system for the W 100 Fi is an acclaimed automatic leveling system with two wire-rope sensors, and the optional flexible cutter system (FCS) quick-change system of milling drums with different tool spacings. The optional vacuum cutting system (VCS) removes dust, fines and smoke from the cutter chamber and extracts them out of the conveyor, keeping the machine cleaner and prolonging component life.

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