Yanmar Construction Equipment Division Introduces New Angle Blade Excavator

Fri May 15, 2009 - National Edition

Yanmar Construction Equipment Division’s new angle blade is a factory installed option for the ViO55-5. Yanmar has added optional moldboard extensions, which do several things to increase operator productivity:

• Extends the width of the blade so the tracks of the machine do not immediately run over the dirt spoils.

• When filling a trench, they allow the excavator tracks to be further away from the trench wall, which can help prevent the trench wall from caving in, which could cause a rollover.

• The blade with moldboard extensions, extend at least to the edge of the track so the blade will scrape up next to a wall or job site obstruction without the tracks rubbing against the wall.

• The extensions’ outside edges are angled to efficiently work right up next to a wall or job site obstruction.

The angle blade operation lever also has a float position with detent so the operator can choose between operating the blade in float or with fixed position.

Unlike most angle blades on compact excavators, the Yanmar Angle Blade can simultaneously be angled and raised or lowered, which allows the operator the ability to constantly fine tune the gradeability.