Beefier Engine Sends Hypac C5608 Racing Through Jobs

Wed February 14, 2001 - National Edition

The C560B pneumatic tire roller from Hypac offers increased travel speeds for enhanced productivity and an ergonomic operator’s station for improved comfort and convenience.

A more powerful 110-hp (82 kW) Cummins diesel engine allows the C560B to work at speeds up to 15.5 mph (24.9 km), almost two mph faster than the model it replaces. A Clark 2000 Series Powershift transmission provides on-the-go shifting through three travel-speed ranges in both forward and reverse.

The redesigned control panel and operator’s compartment reduce operator fatigue and simplify operation, while a streamlined frame design provides improved visibility. For ease of transport, the C560B’s ROPS structure is bolted onto the top surface of the roller’s frame for quick removal.

The strong, yet lightweight, composite fiberglass engine hood is hinged at the front, allowing it to open forward for direct access to the engine and other maintenance areas. An on-board compressor equipped with an air hose and pressure gauge makes it easy to maintain correct tire inflation pressure for the best compaction on various surfaces.

An easy-to-access electric diaphragm pump supplies water for the C560B’s sprinkler system. A large 105.7-gal. (400 L) water tank and a 66-gal. (250 L) fuel tank reduce downtime for refills.

When fully ballasted, the C560B has an operating weight of 52,911 lbs. (24,000 kg). The maximum wheel load on each tire is 6,614 lbs. (3,000 kg). The eight tires — four in front and four in the rear — have a two-inch tire track overlap and a total coverage area of 78 in. (198 cm).

With a 20-ft. (6.1 m) inside-turning radius and 39-percent gradeability, the C560B offers excellent maneuverability.

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