Caterpillar Celebrates 45 Years of Inspiration, Pride

Mon December 04, 2017 - National Edition

Caterpillar people demonstrate passion and take on every challenge they face. They're here with a purpose and take pride in building what matters.
Caterpillar people demonstrate passion and take on every challenge they face. They're here with a purpose and take pride in building what matters.

People have always been the core of Caterpillar – the heartbeat behind the success of the company's products, services, solutions and what enables Cat customers to build a better world.

Caterpillar people demonstrate passion and take on every challenge they face. They're here with a purpose and take pride in building what matters.

Today, the company is celebrating members of the team who have worked at Caterpillar for 45 years. When asked to share their thoughts on what has made an impact on them during their career, their responses were full of pride: Pride in their work, pride in their teams and pride in what our products and services make possible.

Here is what they said:

What inspires you to come to work every day?

Chuck, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: "I truly enjoy the people, my boss, and the work that I do. The relationships we've all built here are phenomenal. There is a young man here who I look to as a son. I come in every day and enjoy the work that I do here."

Mike, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: “The guys I work with every day. That's what inspires me to come into work every day… the camaraderie.”

Julio, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: “I want to make sure I come in every day knowing we're getting these machines to the customer on time and making sure we're building a quality product.”

George, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: “I am proud of my work. I am the last guy to weld this metal before it's sent off to the customer or the paint line. I have to make sure it's right. Always do it right the first time.”

What inspires you?

Elisabeth "Babeth," Excavation, France: “On my personal time, I like to make candy cakes! I really enjoy this hobby because my thoughts are focused on the assembly of the candies. I regularly make candy cakes for my co-workers and even for their kids' birthday parties. I try to personalize each cake according to their taste by creating a movie or cartoon character or even an ice skating rink, or a soccer field. I have also created some of them with the Caterpillar logo type for internal celebrations.”

Do you have a work motto?

Rollin "Red," Advanced Component Manufacturing, Illinois: “Work hard, play harder.”

Craig, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: “Do the best you can do.”

Chuck, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: “Do the best you can do at any job. Be consistent at what you do and make sure to do it right.”

Allen, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: “As long as you are able to… keep on working.”

William “Bill,” Advanced Component Manufacturing, Illinois: “You make your record, they keep it. If you do your job and do it well, you are well rewarded for your dedication. So its up to you to set the record and make a good impression.”

What is an accomplishment you are especially proud of?

John, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: “I can walk into a job and within a few days pick it up pretty quickly because I've handled so much material."

Dave, Advanced Component Manufacturing, Illinois: “Being able to stay in one job for this long and putting quality into all of my work. I care about the end product and what the customer receives. It has to be reassuring that when you make a purchase as valuable as the trucks we put out, that someone on the inside, someone from within, took great care to make sure you received a quality product.”

Bobby, Material Handling & Underground, Illinois: Taking part in the NPI (New Product Introduction) builds. He says two of the toughest, yet were also his favorite, NPI builds he took part in include the D7E – an electric drive tractor and the more recent build of the D6 Horizon.

Where have you seen our products making a difference in your community?

Jean, Excavation Division, France: “In the town I live in, there are two public work companies owning a lot of Cat machines. I personally know some operators who run our machines on job sites. As customers, they often tell me how good our machines are. Especially the models they have recently acquired, which are even more efficient.”

What is your favorite job or most memorable career moment?

Will, Advanced Component Manufacturing, Illinois: “Witnessing Makuta (leadership) work the production floor with a hard-hat. He went out to lead by example for the employees on the production floor.”

Gary, Excavation Division, Georgia: “I graduated from the four-year Machinist Apprentice program. My identical twin brother and I went through the program together. It was excellent training and preparation for my future assignments.”

Klaus, Global Power Systems, Germany: “I have been attached to crankcases and engines for around 40 years now. I had my most memorable experiences when I worked in China as a technical assistant / head of production in a Joint Venture for three years between 2000 and 2002.”