CC&T Adds Rubble Master, Bagela Asphalt Recycler Lines

Wed March 14, 2012 - Northeast Edition
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The Bagela asphalt recycler puts on a show for guests during CC&T’s recent demonstration event.
The Bagela asphalt recycler puts on a show for guests during CC&T’s recent demonstration event.
The Bagela asphalt recycler puts on a show for guests during CC&T’s recent demonstration event. A Caterpillar excavator loads up the Rubble Master RM70GO! during CC&T’s demonstration event held March 2. Bill (L) and Dave Zack of Zack Excavating, Smyrna, Del., were very interested in the Rubble Master RM70GO! Here, they stand by a Roadtec RX500 milling machine, which they recently purchased from CC&T. Dave Zack (L) of Zack Excavating and Mike Chenet, owner and president of CC&T watch the Rubble Master RM70GO! in action during the demonstration event held in Folcroft, Pa. The Bagela asphalt recycler is loaded with millings. The Bagela asphalt recycler turns these millings into usable product. The resulting product of the Bagela asphalt recycler is ideal for patchwork. The Rubble Master RM70GO! produces high-quality aggregate onsite from rubble, asphalt, concrete and natural stone. Guests of CC&T’s recent Rubble Master and Bagela asphalt recycler demonstration could see the RM70GO! in action. Sean Collins (second from L) of CC&T poses for a photo in front of the Bagela asphalt recycler with the Philadelphia Streets Department crew.

CC&T held a demonstration March 3 introducing the Rubble Master RM70GO! and the Bagela Asphalt Recycler to its customers at its Folcroft, Pa., location.

The company recently added these two lines to its product offerings.

“This is an opportunity for us to demonstrate these products to some customers early in the season and get a feel for what they think and where we need to go next with these products,” said Mike Chenet, CC&T owner and president. “Our customers asked for this demonstration, and we thought that it would be best if they came here to our facility. We have a whole yard full of Roadtec equipment including pavers, milling machines and shuttle buggies, along with Midland wideners. We have quite a bit of equipment here that they can see while they are here to see these new products.”

The RM70GO! produces high-quality aggregate onsite from rubble, asphalt, concrete and natural stone. Any rebar, wire or reinforcing steel is fully separated from the processed material by the high-performance magnetic separator at the start of the discharge belt, according to the manufacturer.

“It makes it a real simple operation,” explained Scott Price, service manager and sales manager of North and South America of Global Master, who represented Rubble Master at the event. “There are three buttons to push and the whole thing is up and running and ready to crush. The RM70 still has the standard Deutz engine. It is a mechanical engine. The bigger GO’s — the 80’s and 100’s — are John Deere engines, but this machine is set up with an OS80, which is a screen on the end of the conveyor. It will size to about an inch and a half minus and, of course the refeed conveyor, it brings oversize back into the hopper and crushes it down until it can go through the screen. It puts out about 135 tons an hour, a 140 horsepower engine, with remote-control, so the operator can run the excavator and crusher via his remote-control. Very nice, clean operation.

“[The RM70GO!] helps contractors, because you don’t have to haul it anywhere and have someone else crush it for you and go buy it again,” Price continued. “You can put the material right back into your job. You can use it as a base, a backfill. It is very versatile. It does many sizes and saves a lot of money in the long run.”

Price added that Rubble Master machines are built to a spec that are easy to load and easy to haul, without any extra special permits. “We are not overweight, over height, over width. You are not going to have any of the heavy weight permits with our machines.”

CC&T had looked at asphalt recyclers two or three years ago, according to Chenet, but had to wait until the timing was right.

“We have always been involved in recycling. We are a Roadtec dealer and have specialized for about the last 25 or 26 years in milling equipment, so the recycling aspect of milling machines lends itself to the Rubble Master. They are geared and focused toward customers who are not after the big spreads. They are after the smaller packages for customers that are interested in recycling and keeping the product onsite and eliminating their hauling and dump fees.”

CC&T will be handling its entire geographic area for Roadtec with the Rubble Master product.

“The thing we like about them is they are an asphalt recycling product, our customers are primarily in the asphalt business, so the product is something we will be selling and marketing to our existing customer base. It is just one more tool for our existing customers to be able to save money and become more efficient,” Chenet said.

Also on display was a Bagela asphalt recycler, which uses indirect heat to recycle material, saving contractors time and money, according to Greg Harla, sales and marketing director, Bagela USA.

“Most contractors these days, especially in the greater New York area, now have dump fees. They are paying $17 to $20 a ton to get rid of their waste asphalt. So on top of the exorbitant asphalt prices, $70 to $100 a ton, they now have to pay to get rid of it. With the Bagela recycler, where you are recycling under $20 a ton, the cost saving are incredible.

“You can go out and patch, do a driveway, pave, supplement their plant purchases, close a road they opened up at night, finish a job on the weekend. Basically anytime they need hot mix asphalt, it is there for them, so they are not relying on the plants anymore for seasonal work or for after hour or weekend work.”

The flame on the Bagela recycler does not touch the aggregate as it is recycling, according to Harla.

“The burner itself is actually heating the drum skin and it is the heat radiating off of the drum skin that’s recycling the mix, not the flame itself. That is the key difference between this and any other recycler on the market today. You don’t have flame touching material, you have heat convecting off of the drum to break the material down. You can see the consistency of that pile. You don’t have any hot or dry spots. You have good, high quality hot mix asphalt.”

Dave and Bill Zack, both of Zack Excavating Equipment, Smyrna, Del., and who attended the event, were interested in the RM70 for their site development company.

“We bought a new RX500 milling machine from Mike [Chenet] last year and we are having very good luck with it. We really like the product line,” said Dave Zack.

“The RM70 is compact. It seems like it is easy to transport it from state to state. It looks very well built. I was impressed, most of the machine is T1 steel. If you have the conveyor off, it is a legal move. This conveyor sits on a cradle, which makes it a little bit wider. We are excited about it.”

The Zacks also wanted to see the Bagela recycler in action.

“They are saying there are no additives to it. They can take chunk asphalt as opposed to just straight millings. I’m very curious to see what product comes out of the other end,” said Dave Zack.

Al Verzella, foreman of Buck Frank Excavating, based in Folcroft, Pa., likes the portability of the machines.

“I like that you can bring it on to any site,” he said of the Bagela asphalt recycler. “We rip out big parking lot areas; you can recycle it and start using it. Even for patchwork. You rip it out and stockpile it in your yard.”

The Bagela demonstration also provided an opportunity for Verzella to take some of the product the machine produced to a nearby job site to use as a patch. “You can do a lot of patchwork, just heat it right up, you don’t have to go to the plant. It saves time. It’s a nice piece,” he said.

Adam Rieff of Associated Paving Contractors, Warminster, Pa., said his company is looking for innovative means and methods to do its work and also is conscious of the environment.

“We try to be good stewards of the environment, so any recycling we are always interested,” he said. “We do a lot of cold recycling now, so it would be nice to do it hot. We do mostly commercial industrial parking lots. Theoretically it would be good for patching.”

Headquartered in Folcroft, Pa., CC&T also has a location in Piscataway, N.J. In addition to Rubble Master and Bagela, the company also carries Roadtec, Carlson, Midland, Etnyre and Kennametal products. CC&T serves eastern Pennsylvania and all of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland.

For more information, call 610/586-2710, or visit

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