Chicago Pneumatic Debuts Line of Breaker Attachments

Sun August 24, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Featuring 12 models, the new Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools breaker line covers a wide variety of applications, including landscaping, building renovation, road construction, trenching, demolition and secondary breaking.

Suitable for excavators in the 29- to 82-ton (26 to 75 t) weight class, three heavy-duty models are available with service weights ranging from 4,850 to 9,259 lbs. (2,200 to 4,200 kg).

These units feature 5.9- to 7.1-in. (15 to 18 cm) working tool diameters and deliver maximum impact rates of 550 blows per minute.

Four medium breakers weigh between 1,213 and 3,527 lbs. (550 to 1,600 kg), ideal for use on 9.9- to 37-ton (9 to 34 t) carriers. Five light models round out the line, with service weights from 209 to 827 lbs. (95 to 375 kg). These breakers are suitable for smaller 1.4- to 13-ton (1.3 to 12 t) carriers.

The CP breakers feature an enclosed box design and elastic damping elements that isolate noise from the percussion mechanism and reduce harmful vibrations. The result is reduced noise on the job site and less strain on the breaker and its carrier, according to the manufacturer.

Heavy and medium models come standard with CP-Lube, an automatic lubrication system that attaches directly to the breaker. Featuring a self-priming pump, CP-Lube eliminates the need to manually grease the breaker before and during each use.

Boasting a high power-to-weight ratio, CP hydraulic breakers are built with fewer moving parts for optimal reliability. The breakers are engineered with components that allow for simple maintenance, including easy-to-replace HeliCoil inserts, which improve the load distribution of the tension bold threads for longer service life.

All 12 hydraulic breakers feature genuine CP working tools. Made with a nickel-chrome alloy that is optimized for breaking applications, each tool is temper hardened for greater wear resistance. Tool options for the entire line include the moil point, chisel and blunt tool. An asphalt cutter also is available for the five light models and the smallest medium unit.

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