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Deere Excavators Measure Up With Larger Specs

Wed March 15, 2000 - Northeast Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The 550 LC and 750 excavators from John Deere are a big addition to the ever-expanding excavator line — in fact, they are now the largest machines in the line. Like their siblings, these new models feature maximized smoothness of operation, reliability and operator comfort.

The 550 LC and 750 offer high productivity with an operator-focused hydraulic system that allows operation at peak performance, whether trenching, leveling or material handling. This system provides the ultimate machine control in multi-function operations, without sacrificing function power or speed.

Powerwize Equals

Productivity at its Peak

The engine/hydraulic management system, called Powerwize, is powered by two, variable displacement axial piston pumps, and provides smooth movement by keeping a constant balance between pressure and flow. The controls provide quick, accurate response o multi-function swing-lift-bucket operations.

Operators can choose from three power modes that regulate engine rpm:

• Standard - offers fast cycle times for normal or average applications, delivering an efficient engine speed, and 100-percent hydraulic pump output.

• Economy — ideal for lighter duty applications where productivity and fuel economy are a must.

• S/P - For the 550 LC, supplies maximum power in heavy-duty applications, increasing engine rpm when activated.

Operators can also select from four work modes, which prioritize hydraulic flow. Work modes operate independently from power modes, allowing operators to fit machine performance to any job.

Both the 550 LC and 750 are equipped with an auto-idle system, which saves fuel by decreasing engine speed by 20 percent whenever the control levers are in neutral for four seconds. In addition, the 750 is equipped with a quick idle switch mounted to the hydraulic pilot control lever, which when engaged, reduces engine speed to 60 percent of full throttle.

A power boost feature, available on the 550 LC, can be activated by pushing a thumb button on the right control lever, providing 8 percent more hydraulic power for 10 seconds.

Under the Hood

The 550 LC is powered by a six-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged engine providing 269 net kilowatts (361 net hp). The 750 is equipped with a six-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged and aftercooled engine supplying 324 net kilowatts (434 net hp).

Built to deliver control and power at low rpm, this efficient engine also offers excellent fuel economy. The mechanically controlled governor enhances combustion and keeps engine rpm at optimum performance levels.

All engines are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for off-road applications.

Specs That Measure Up

The 550 LC has an operating weight of 57,327 kilograms (127,394 lbs.); 14-meters (47 ft. 5 in.) maximum reach; 9.7- meter (32 ft. 2 in.) maximum digging depth; and 18,700 kilograms (41,600 lbs.) of lift capacity (over the front). A heavy-duty undercarriage and 5.6 meters (18 ft. 8 in.) of overall track length give the 550 LC an effective base for trenching.

The 750 has an operating weight of 75,420 kilograms (167,602 lbs.); 15.6-meter (51 ft. 6 in.) maximum reach; 10.5-meter (34 ft. 8 in.) maximum digging depth; and 24,957 kilograms (55,460 lbs.) of lift capacity (over the front). The 750 offers 6.3 meters (20 ft. 10 in.) of track length.

Booms and arms are of all-welded, box-section design. The boom is made of thickened plates at the boom foot and three inside bulkheads. The arm has thickened plates at its top, sides and bottom, to increase ruggedness and resist twisting.

The 550 LC is equipped with a 7.5-meter (24 ft., 11 in.) boom, and has four arm length options available: 2.8 meters (9 ft. 6 in.); 3.5 meters (11 ft. 6 in.); 4 meters (13 ft. 5 in.); and 5 meters (17 ft. 1 in.). For mass material excavation applications, a mass excavating (ME) front configuration is available with a 6.8-meter (21 ft. 8 in.) boom, and 2.9-meter (9 ft. 6 in.) arm.

The 750 is available with an 8-meter (27 ft. 1 in.) boom. Arm length options are 2.9 meters (9 ft. 8 in.); 3.6 meters (11 ft. 10 in.); 4.4 meters (14 ft. 5 in.); and 5.4 meters (17 ft. 9 in.). In addition, a mass excavating (ME) front configuration is available for the 750, including a 7-meter (23 ft. 4 in.) boom, and 2.9-meter (9 ft. 8 in.) arm.

An Undercarriage for

Longer Life

Both models feature an undercarriage that has been designed to last long.

Both models feature adjustable track frames which extend for maximum machine productivity, and retract to aid in transporting these highly productive machines. Premium-grade tracks with large track links are fitted with struts for added durability. Pin seals prevent dirt from entering the bushings, reducing internal wear. Track center guards on both sides protect the lower rollers. To better suit differing track footing conditions, three track shoe options are available for both the 550 LC and 750.


Cab Design

The 550 LC and 750 cab is wide, spacious and comfortable. Six silicone-filled cab mounts isolate the operator from noise and vibration. Reinforced glass windows on all sides offer excellent visibility.

The ergonomically designed seat is fully adjustable, including adjustments for seat back, armrests and headrest. The seat height can be raised or lowered and suspension can be adjusted for each operator’s stature.

The hand control levers can be raised or lowered to match the operator’s build, while the controls can glide forward or back with the seat, or remain fixed while the seat moves.

Air conditioning is standard on both models.

Service Made Easier

A convenient machine walkway, or “Deere-walk,” runs from the cab to the engine area, allowing easy access to the side service compartments.

A steel bulkhead separates the hydraulic pumps and engine, keeping engine and pump compartments cleaner for easier maintenance and minimizing noise.

Buckets to Meet Every Application

To support the wide range of applications for the 550 LC and 750 models, John Deere offers an even wider range of buckets. These are available in heavy duty, heavy-duty high capacity, and extreme duty configurations. Buckets are also designed to accept tooth configurations that optimize machine productivity and bucket fill. Bucket widths are available from 91.4 to 203 centimeters (36 to 80 in.), with available capacity ranging from 1.5 to 5.6 cubic meters (1.97 to 7.37 cu. yds.).

For more information, call 800/503-3373.

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