Eaton's New ESV9 Series of Proportional Solenoid Cartridge Valves Offers Precise Control with High Flow

Wed March 08, 2017 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Power management company Eaton today announced the company's ESV9 series of proportional solenoid cartridge valves, designed to provide superior control with optimized linearity. With less than 7 percent hysteresis, the new valves provide excellent operational efficiency and a broad ramp rate for greater resolution and ease of use.

“The new ESV9 offers the highest maximum flow in its class without sacrificing on efficiency or control,” said Todd McIntyre, product manager, Global Planning and Strategy, Eaton's Hydraulics Group. "Utilizing an optimized get with dual spring design, the ESV9 spool is more highly controlled than single spring designs. This results in lower hysteresis, higher maximum flow solving many of the challenges engineers face in applying proportional control to may construction, agricultural and material handling vehicles.”

The size 10 ESV9 is a four-way, three-position screw-in cartridge and is available with either a type closed or float spool configuration. The E-spool type solenoid valve has all the ports closed in the de-energized position. This configuration is ideal for moderate flow applications where an actuator needs to be proportionally controlled in both directions and stopped in any position. The float or motor spool in the de-energized condition features ports two and four open to tank with the inlet port three blocked. This allows the service ports to decay to tank pressure in the de-energised condition. The ESV9 has a rating of up to 22 liters-per-minute and up to 250 bar, matching the technical requirements of most applications.

As an option, the valves are available with a manual override and additionally be fitted with or without the IP69K compatible “L Series” Large ToughCoils™. The valves are available in 12 volt (V) or 24 V direct current coil voltages, with or without a diode, along with a number of housing materials (steel or aluminum) and port sizes.

In mobile construction, agriculture and material handling applications, the valve can be used in place of Eaton's industrial-rated, high-flow KDG4-V3 valve series, providing a more cost-effective, general-purpose solution. The ESV9 valves are also smaller, reducing the manifold size and cost, and allow increased flexibility during installation.

To learn more about Eaton's proportional valve products, visit

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