GOMACO C-450 With Transitional Framework acts Like Two Finishers in One

Tue February 21, 2012 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The C-450’s transitional framework allows wider width finishing without the overhead truss system. It allows a quicker assembly time and decreases the overall weight of the machine.
The C-450’s transitional framework allows wider width finishing without the overhead truss system. It allows a quicker assembly time and decreases the overall weight of the machine.

GOMACO’s C-450 cylinder finisher for bridge decks and flat slabs is now available with a transitional framework. Transitional framework for the C-450 allows it to be set up for widths up to 104 ft. (31.7 m) faster and easier than with standard framework, while providing a lighter-weight machine for finishing applications. The C-450 can finish at narrower widths using its standard framework.

The C-450’s new frame features transition sections connecting the standard 24 in. (61 cm) tall framework to the 42 in. (107 cm) tall framework used on a GOMACO C-750 finisher. The frame sections only need to be pin-connected and the cross arms bolted in place. The transitional framework provides a much quicker assembly time and also decreases the weight of the machine considerably. It is estimated to be 8 lbs. per ft. (11.9 kg/m) — lighter when compared to a machine with an overhead truss.

The transitional framework can be added to new or existing C-450s.

The GOMACO C-450 features easy operation, reliability, high-production results and enhanced serviceability with added safety, according to the manufacturer.

Automatic advance, an automatic self-widening carriage, powered widening to maintain crown position on tapered decks, and operator enhanced monitoring of the machine functions with panel-mounted bogie and carriage circuit pressure gauges help provide ease of operation. The console and operator’s platform can be positioned anywhere within the framework sections to give the operator the best visibility possible.

The hydraulics are electronically controlled for greater precision, versatility, ease of setup, and ease of operation. The automatic advance at the end of each finishing pass with preset timing is electronically controlled. As the machine advances, the undercarriage can change its attack angle and concrete finishing resumes. The turntable-attached undercarriage features a bearing system that allows the undercarriage to smoothly change the attack angle.

A hydraulic PTA allows the operator to make on-the-go crown elevation changes from the operator’s console. GOMACO’s three-point finishing system on the new finisher assures high-production and a superior finish, according to the manufacturer.

An auger levels the concrete, the cylinders consolidate and finish the concrete and the float pan seals and textures the surface of the slab. A 360-degree turntable on the upper carriage allows maximum skewing of the undercarriage to keep the finishing cylinders parallel to the center of the slab on skewed deck pours.

For more information, visit www.gomaco.com.

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