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Hamm Relaunches Compact Line

Fri April 15, 2011 - National Edition

Hamm Compaction Division relaunched its Compact Line series of small asphalt rollers — with significant changes.
Hamm Compaction Division relaunched its Compact Line series of small asphalt rollers — with significant changes.

Hamm Compaction Division relaunched its Compact Line — its popular series of small asphalt rollers — with significant changes “under the hood” that will boost performance and productivity, according to the manufacturer.

Models of the new Compact Line — with drum sizes from 31 to 54 in. (78.7 to 137 cm) wide — are quieter and more powerful. These articulated tandem rollers offer big-time compactive effort in a small package.

The compact line includes the HD 8 VV, with a drum width of 31.5 in. (80 cm); the 39 in. (99 cm) HD 10 VV and the slightly smaller HD 10 C VV; the 47 in. (119 cm) HD 12 VV; the 51 in. (129 cm) HD 13 VV; and the 54 in. (137 cm) HD 14 VV. Each offers a wider compaction width when operated in offset mode.

The compact line also offers combination rollers. The HD 10 VT, HD 12 VT, HD 13 VT and HD 14 VT are combination models with smooth drum in front, and four smooth pneumatic tires in rear. Nomenclature of the models has not changed.

VV stands for “vibration front, vibration rear”, in which both drums offer vibration, with the capability of vibration running in the front drum only, in the rear drum only, in both drums, or no vibration. The compact line offers hydrostatic dual drum drive, automatic/manual vibration system, hydrostatic articulated steering and maneuverability.

Key features of the compact line include its visibility, low profile and ease of handling high compaction force and low center of mass.

Improved Drive Train

In 2010, the compact line drive train was redesigned. All models have been upgraded to the new, quiet, environmentally friendly yet powerful Kubota diesel engines. In the HD 13 and HD 14 models, Hamm has increased the engine power by 15 percent.

The new drive train components have brought about only minor changes to the external design of the machines. They retain their “wasp waist” and visibility.

The operator platform is fully insulated against vibration, thus improving comfort levels. The operator’s seat, steering column and tread plate are mechanically isolated from the framework, which significantly reduces vibration.

The new engines and changed layout of the central electrical system mean quicker servicing and simpler maintenance in the future. Significantly, now all service points for the drive units are located on the same side, making them quicker and easier to check than before.