HogZilla Electric Wood Grinder

Mon December 03, 2007 - National Edition

As the cost of diesel fuel has increased, electric powered wood grinders have grown in popularity. For more than four decades, CW Mill Equipment Co. Inc. has been manufacturing electric powered grinders in addition to its diesel-powered units.

CW’s 800-hp (59.6 kW) electric HogZilla TC-1564SE provides increased efficiency, reduced maintenance, massive construction, simplicity, and steady mill RPM from its 46-in. (117 cm) diameter, 12-pin, hammermill that has an 8.75-in. (22 cm) main shaft.

The TC-1564SE model is available in many sizes and configurations, including this stationary unit mounted onto a foundation and equipped with a 15-ft. (4.6 m) tub that is constructed from 0.5-in. (1.3 cm) thick steel. The tub floor is made of 0.75-in. (1.9 cm) thick abrasion resistant steel, and the belly conveyor is 72 in. (183 cm) wide. One of several available thrown object restraint options was included on the unit shown, and a wide range of other options also are available, including portability options for moving the grinder.