As a business grows, it can be hard to keep track of all the details, that's where Husqvarna Fleet Services is able to help. Fleet statistics Husqvarna Fleet Services is a system that collects and presents data regarding a contractor/rental company's machine fleet.

The new Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150 E is — simply stated — an electric version of the gas-powered Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150, which has become popular among contractors due to its reliable performance, low weight, swift handling and excellent results.

Through its acquisition of Wacker Neuson Group's ride-on and walk-behind trowels, Husqvarna can support contractors the whole way through pouring concrete to a finished floor — no matter the type, size or ambition level of the project. "Power trowels complement our current range in a great way, connecting the entire process from ground compaction to polished concrete floors, and fits well into our divisional strategy to grow our concrete surfaces and floors business.

Husqvarna T 4000 Petrol is an advanced petrol dust extractor developed to manage large amounts of dust. The intuitive controls make the dust extractor easy to start and operate. It is equipped with the Jet Pulse Filter cleaning system, which purges the filter with negative air pressure to effortlessly and safely clean the filter.

Husqvarna's first ever gas-driven floor grinder enables contractors to grind outside with the PG 400 Petrol. The PG 400 Petrol is a powerful grinder capable of grinding lippage in concrete slabs, trip hazards and removal of paint, epoxy and spackle on medium to large concrete areas.

Husqvarna Construction Products understands that not everyone wants to buy equipment. Sometimes contractors only want to use a piece of equipment for a short timeframe, or they want to be able to upgrade to the latest equipment quickly and easily. That is why Husqvarna has developed a new leasing program, called UpCare X, an extension of the UpCare service contracts platform.

Equipment manufacturer Husqvarna Construction Products has launched a complete range of floor grinders. The machines have been developed with the user in focus — ensuring a smarter way of working. Strong Synergies "The introduction of this range is a step-change for the industry," said Mark Michaels, director of product management Husqvarna Construction North America.

With the addition of the CRT ride-on trowels, spray skirt and long-life #30, #50 and #100 grit pads, Husqvarna now offers a complete ride-on trowel floor polishing system. Husqvarna Hipertrowel is a practical solution when polishing contractors need to polish a very large, unobstructed and relatively flat area.

For contractors looking for a drill motor that doesn't compromise on performance, the Husqvarna DM 400 and DM 430 — single-phase 3 hp (2.3 kW) electric drill motors — combine Husqvarna's usability with a new level of sturdiness. They are the first Husqvarna drill motors to be equipped with embedded connectivity.

Matt Nuijens has been appointed Husqvarna's new vice president/general manager. He will be reponsible for leading the sales/marketing, product management, customer service/technical support, finance and human resource teams in North America. Nuijens has more than 20 years of sales and marketing leadership experience from Nilfisk, Apex Tools, Carrier, Ingersoll Rand and most recently Sany.

Husqvarna's LP 9505 is a powerful, easy-to-operate trench compactor that delivers productivity in demanding trench compaction jobs, according to the manufacturer. The LP 9505's high operating weight enables efficient compaction without vibration, from the initial static passes all the way to the finish.