Case Construction Equipment announced the availability of Michelin X Tweel SSL all-terrain airless radial tires as a factory-approved/supplied option on all skid steer loader models. Airless radial tires perform just like a pneumatic tire, but without the risk and costly downtime associated with penetrations and impact damage.

Veteran-led disaster response organization Team Rubicon began the heavy equipment operations of "Operation Hard Hustle" on Thursday, Sept. 14, with equipment and on-site support personnel provided by Case Construction Equipment. Initial heavy equipment operations included debris removal and home demolition near Rockport and Aransas Pass, Texas, where the eye of Hurricane Harvey made landfall in August.

Michelin Americas Truck Tires has introduced the Michelin X ONE XZU S+ Pre-Mold retread, an all-position, next-generation wide-base single, for waste and refuse trucks that operate in demanding urban environments. This retread delivers up to 50 percent greater wear life compared to the Michelin X One XZU S Pre-Mold, and is designed with a special winged tread for maximum shoulder protection in high-scrub applications, according to the manufacturer.

Michelin Americas Truck Tires, a division of Michelin North America Inc., announced that Quality Tire Company will join the Michelin Commercial Service Network (MCSN). The family-owned business operates four commercial/retail locations in Salt Lake City, Orem and St.

Michelin Earthmover has released Michelin OperTrak, a comprehensive, easy to use web-based tire and rim management system designed to monitor tire activity and optimize budgeting, forecasting, inventory and performance. Michelin OperTrak assists users in gaining the maximum value from their tire assets.

GREENVILLE, S.C. (AP) - Michelin announced plans this week to break ground on a new plant in Anderson County that could create 500 jobs making giant tires for use on heavy equipment in mines, quarries and construction sites. The company plans to spend $750 million on the new plant and expanding a plant in Lexington that already makes the tires.

The Michelin BibSteel hard-surface radial joins the Michelin BibSteel all-terrain tire as part of the company’s compact line offerings. The Michelin BibSteel hard-surface tire succeeds the Michelin Stabil’XZSL radial. “We have experienced a tremendous response to the BibSteel all-terrain radial,” said Bob Rees, North American product manager of Michelin North America agricultural tires.

Michelin Earthmover unveiled the Michelin XDR2 tire for severe mining and quarry applications. The tire — designed for rigid dump trucks — offers up to 20 percent more tread life than its predecessor, the Michelin XDR tire and is available in a 27R49 size.

Imagine a tire with a tread that regenerates itself as it wears. It’s not science fiction or a scene from movie, it’s reality at Michelin — the new XDA5 drive tire for Class 8 rigs. Michelin’s design and manufacturing techniques mold the tread of the XDA5 in three dimensions.

From the Matrix siping and raindrop-shaped grooves used on the XDA5 drive tire to the Infini-Coil Technology of the X One tires, Michelin Durable Technologies delivers performance to the trucking industry. Michelin XDA5 Tire The new XDA5 drive tire combines Matrix Siping Technology and Regenerating Tread Technology, key components of Michelin Durable Technologies.