Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority

On Aug. 10, the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) announced that Phase 3 of construction on the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge was under way, an operation expected to last through November. The entire project is designed to rehabilitate the 51-year-old structure's roadway deck.

In the late 1960s, college student Michael Gallogly spent two summers working as an oiler on the Newport Bridge. A half-century later, he recalls in vivid detail the men he encountered, including one Native American ironworker who stood on the barge's steel deck in front of the engine shacks.

The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) would like to provide a construction report and traffic advisory update for the upcoming months. There will be multiple RITBA projects in progress. These projects include work on the Mount Hope Bridge, Sakonnet River Bridge, Newport Pell Bridge, Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge and the Route 138 Connector.

Work is well under way on a project to repair the deck of Rhode Island's Newport/Pell Bridge — at 11,247 ft. long, it is the longest suspension bridge in New England. “This is a major undertaking replacing the deck of this bridge,” said Jim Malachowski, spokesman of the RDW Group, the Providence-based public relations firm representing the Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority.