Kinshofer Offers a Series of Biomass Handling Solutions

Mon July 01, 2019 - National Edition

Kinshofer’s P-Series grapples are available with three, four or five tines, as well as a wide range of tine profiles.
Kinshofer’s P-Series grapples are available with three, four or five tines, as well as a wide range of tine profiles.

Kinshofer, a global manufacturer of excavator and loader crane attachments, offers a series of biomass handling solutions. Four styles of grapple attachments, the C-Series,P-Series,D-Seriesand T-Series, are each designed to efficiently handle a specific type of biomass. The series includes solutions for most carriers and nearly every type of biomass material, including waste, bulk and timber.

Kinshofer uses heavy-duty 500 HB steel in the manufacture of its grapples, ensuring an extended service life. The series are powered either by Kinshofer's HPXdrive, a proven and low maintenance system, or by heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. Both options ensure components are protected, reducing damage and extending service intervals, according to the manufacturer. The HPXdrive system delivers rotation from two hydraulically driven pistons, which provide precision and exceptional closing force. The tools' compact design allows operators to easily and efficiently work in confined areas.

"We designed the series of biomass attachments to offer reliability and productivity for a variety of applications with nearly any carrier size," said Francois Martin, Kinshofer North America general manager. "The patented HPXdrive requires no hydraulic cylinders and has no protruding hoses, making the attachments extremely compact, powerful and efficient. The series, which offers contractors versatility on the job site, sets itself above the competition."

The C-Series includes regular clamshell buckets recommended for dry, bulk biomass, such as grain, sawdust or wood pellets. The movement and closing force of the shells is synchronized and constant because of the HPXdrive. The C-Series can be used with carrier operating weights up to 80 tons, as well as a wide range of different shells that can be easily refitted onto carriers.

Kinshofer's P-Series is a complete range of orange peel grapples available for carriers from 16 to 80 tons. All P-Series models are powered with heavy-duty cylinders and all components, including the cylinders, hoses and rods, are enclosed, minimizing damage and maintenance. With three, four or five tines, and a range of tine profiles — including fully and half closing, wide or pointed — the grapples easily handle variably sized materials. The wide opening ranges guarantee ideal penetration and release of materials such as agro waste, turf, mulch, twigs, small branches and waste wood.

The D-Series includes demolition and sorting grapples for carriers with operating weights up to 70 tons. The series includes models powered with both the HPXdrive as well as cylinders. The shell design is ideal for mixed biomass and is used for loading, sorting, digging and demolition. Some models are equipped with an enclosed 360-degree rotator, making them ideal for underwater applications. The rotator's heavy-duty construction and low height allow for versatile operation in both demolition and sorting.

Kinshofer's T-Series timber grapples are ideal for handling forestry biomass such as logs and large branches. The closing mechanism and tight grip allow the grapple to clamp more than one log at a time. The attachments fit excavators with operating weights up to 100 tons and can be powered by either the HPXdrive or cylinders. Many of the T-Series grapples feature 360-degree endless rotation, and all include an integrated non-return valve to secure loads if pressure drops.

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