Lemhi River Bridge Projects Under Way in East Idaho

Tue May 08, 2018 - West Edition #10

ITD has identified nine bridges for reconstruction on ID-28 between April 2018 and October 2019.

Construction on the first three bridges began the week of April 2 and lasts until mid-Oct. 2018. The project calls for removing and replacing bridges; enhancing existing structures; and providing increased capacity for the river.

Bridge Locations
  • ID-28 at milepost 101.77 (11.3 mi. northwest of Leadore)
  • ID-28 at milepost 103.12 (located .16 mi. southeast of Lee Creek Road/Maier's Lane)
  • ID-28 at milepost 105.51 (2.64 mi. southeast of the Old Highway 28 Junction).
  • Traffic Impact
  • Traffic will reduce to one lane with temporary traffic signals directing traffic
  • Lanes reduced to 11-ft. openings
  • Speed reductions to 35 mph through construction zones
  • Expect delays
  • Shoulders will be closed
  • From June until November 2018, construction will take place on two additional bridges southeast of Salmon, at milepost 115.67 and 125.66.

    The remaining four bridges, located between Leadore and Salmon, will be rebuilt starting in April 2019, through October 2019.

    The construction budget for this project is approximately $13 million. Work will be done by Wadsworth Brothers Construction.