Lube-A-Boom Greases Applied By Mato Grease Guns From Bekaworld LP Provide Smooth Life For Equipment Users

Fri March 31, 2017 - National Edition

As a BEKAWORLD LP dealer, LUBE-A-BOOM is pleased to announce its continued representation and support of the MATO grease gun systems.

“We are absolutely thrilled at the relationship we have with BEKAWORLD LP,” said Jo Roberts, president of Indianapolis-based LUBE-A-BOOM. “Most importantly, their standout Lube-Shuttle and LubeJet-Eco grease gun systems, using our LUBE-A-BOOM and LUBE-A-PIN lubricants, provide our lifting equipment customers with top-of-the-line machine greasing.”

Whether they own and operate cranes, telehandlers, aerial lifts or other types of heavy construction equipment, “Our customers can rely on the combination of MATO grease gun systems and LUBE-A-BOOM for fast, efficient greasing of booms, pins, rotators, bushings, bearings and other critical machine components,” said Roberts.

“Easy, clean machine maintenance is a key factor in uptime for these busy contractors,” she said. “We design our products and solutions to minimize equipment downtime and maximize productivity for our customers.”

Products Provide a Perfect Team

With one-hand pistol grip, ergonomic side-lever, battery-operated and pneumatic varieties available, the premium-built Lube-Shuttle keeps grease spills and leaks away from both machine and shop surfaces. A durable zinc-plated steel barrel is core to the design of each of the Lube-Shuttle models.

For big jobs, such as telescoping booms, vehicle gears, steel ropes and chains, the LubeJet-Eco provides uniform grease coating to any surface without waste. When required, operators can easily adjust flow, volume and spray pattern on the go. This larger system is compatible with standard Lube-Shuttle grease cartridges, specifically LUBE-A-BOOM and LUBE-A-PIN.

Also available in bulk in pails, kegs or drums, allowing customers to easily refill their grease guns via the MATO pumps, the original LUBE-A-BOOM is a specially-formulated synthetic lubricant containing PTFE and molybdenum. LUBE-A-BOOM is designed to outperform conventional petroleum-based greases, exceling in both cold and hot weather conditions. The signature lubricant provides superior rust and corrosion protection, fresh and salt water resistance, and extended wear pad life.

The versatile, multi-purpose LUBE-A-PIN is a premium heavy-duty grease for pins, bushings and bearings, able to perform effectively in temperatures ranging from -40 to 400º F (-40 to 204º C). The non-toxic, environmentally-friendly grease provides exceptional pressure and shock loading, as well as strong wear, rust, corrosion and water washout protection.

“LUBE-A-BOOM greases, applied by Lube-Shuttle and LubeJet-Eco grease gun systems, give our customers peace-of-mind,” said Roberts. “They know their equipment will receive the required proper maintenance in the most efficient, safe and clean manner possible, putting those machines back to work and making money as fast as possible.”

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