McLaren Combines Puncture-Proof Tires, Cushioned Ride

Tue October 17, 2006 - National Edition

McLaren Industries NU-AIR TYRE Series Semi-Pneumatic Tire Technology eliminates unexpected flat tires while providing a cushioned ride even in the harshest working conditions.

The semi-pneumatic tire technology is engineered to integrate the durability of solid tires with the cushioned ride of pneumatic tires, according to the manufacturer.

The NU-AIR TYRE features strategically-placed holes throughout its sidewalls to prevent cuts and snags. The placement and depth of the holes are designed to create the proper cushioning for maximum machine performance and longevity on and off road. Unlike fully-pneumatic tires, which provide shock absorption with compressed air, the NU-AIR TYRE does not flatten, eliminating downtime from unexpected punctures.

Manufactured from heavy-duty rubber compounds, the NU-AIR TYRE is designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions and heavy loads. Factoring in normal wear and tear, the average life expectancy of the NU-AIR TYRE is 1,000 hours.

Featuring a variety of tire and custom rim sizes, the NU-AIR TYRE is ideal for skid steers and backhoes. The NU-AIR TYRE also provides one-third more rubber than a standard tire, which allows the tread depth to be twice that of a standard pneumatic tire to maintain traction even in snow, sand or deep mud, according to the manufacturer.

Included with the tire, the custom-fit rim offers easy installation.

The NU-AIR TYRE also works with over-the-tire tracks due to its shock absorption ability. Its flat-proof capability and increased load capacity complement over-the-tire tracks in harsh work environments.

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