Metra Launches 2017 Construction Program

Tue April 11, 2017 - Midwest Edition

Chicago's commuter rail agency is planning $216 million in construction projects this year.

The plan by Metra targets 29 stations, 21 bridges and 29 road crossings. Metra and its railroad partners announced it Monday. Construction is expected to begin next week and continue through fall.

The program's major endeavors include replacing aging bridges on the UP North and Milwaukee West lines and constructing new track segments along the UP West Line.

Numerous smaller projects will be distributed across Metra's 11 lines. These include station upgrades ranging from installing air conditioning at the Lisle station to constructing a new station in Romeoville. Metra and its partners also plan to replace 57,000 railroad ties and improve the signal system.

Most of the work will be performed during off-peak hours and on weekends.—AP