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Miller Packs Big Blue Reliability/Quality Into Compact 300-Amp Welder Generator

Wed June 30, 2010 - National Edition

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.’s Big Blue 300 Pro CC/CV engine driven welder generator produces 12 kW of generator power and a 20- to 410-amp welding output. Ideal for pipe and construction contractors as well as MRO and fabrication professionals, the Big Blue Pro 300 is available with Cat, Deutz or Perkins diesel engines for low-speed (1,800 rpm) operation, fuel efficiency and low sound levels (71 dba at maximum output).

As with all Big Blue models, the Big Blue Pro 300’s circuit board is protected by Miller’s “Vault”, a hermetically sealed aluminum case that is impenetrable to dust, salt and moisture, according to the manufacturer.

In addition, to ensure performance and reliability even in high heat applications, Miller rates its engine drives at 104 F (40 C).

Arc performance in all processes (TIG, Stick, MIG, flux cored, and carbon arc gouging) are improved over its predecessor, the Pro 300, according to the manufacturer. In addition, the Big Blue 300 Pro provides tailored arc control (DIG), which allows the operator to change arc characteristics for specific applications and electrodes, such as 7018 and 6010.

Weighing only 1,100 lbs. (499 kg) with Cat or Perkins engines, and 1,208 lbs. (548 kg) with a Deutz engine, the Big Blue 300 Pro’s compact size (32 by 26.25 by 56 in. [81 by 67 by 142 cm]) allows it to fit sideways in a standard pickup’s bed, leaving extra room for tools and supplies. The Big Blue 300 Pro features a low fuel shutdown that will shut down the engine before it runs out of fuel to make restarting easy and eliminating the need to re-prime the engine. High temperature and low oil pressure shutdowns protect the engine, while hour- and oil- change-interval meters make it easier to track maintenance requirements.

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