Papé Machinery Participates in OSHA’s Program in Ore.

Mon March 31, 2008 - West Edition

The Portland dealership of Papé Machinery recently became a member of Oregon OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP).

Participation in SHARP represents a commitment by an employer to improve its workplace safety culture.

Oregon OSHA safety and health consultants help Oregon employers work with their employees to find and correct hazards, develop and implement effective safety and health programs, and plan for continuous safety improvement. The ultimate goal of SHARP is to encourage businesses to become self-sufficient in managing workplace safety and health issues.

With 53 team members, Papé Machinery in Portland services and rents heavy equipment to the construction and forestry industry. It is part of The Papé Group Inc., which is headquartered in Eugene.

In 2006, Papé Machinery’s Portland store had just two injuries that caused days away from work, job transfers or restrictions. That represents a 43 percent drop from the company’s injury rate in 2005.

“It is so important that a company that started in Oregon — like Papé — continues to recognize the significance of workplace safety and health,” said Michael Wood, administrator of Oregon OSHA. “Improvement in safety and health benefits everyone. Workers come home safe to their families, productivity improves, and business costs from workplace injury and illness go down.”

Employees of SHARP members retain all workplace safety and health rights contained in the Oregon Safe Employment Act. Oregon employers that have been in business for more than one year are eligible to apply for SHARP regardless of size or type of business. There are 127 Oregon employers who participate in SHARP.

Papé Machinery has seven Washington locations, six Oregon locations, seven California locations and one Nevada location.

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