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Revolutionizing Battery Safety, Performance in Electric Heavy Equipment

Wed May 22, 2024 - National Edition

Photo courtesy of HEVI

As the construction industry shifts towards sustainability, electric heavy equipment is becoming the new standard. At the heart of this transformation is the safety and efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, which face challenges like high operational temperatures and fluctuating weather conditions.

HEVI's advanced thermal management systems (TMS) are the game-changer, ensuring your equipment runs smoothly, safely and efficiently.

HEVI: Setting the Benchmark in Thermal Management

HEVI's all-electric heavy equipment is equipped with cutting-edge TMS technology, designed to protect your investment and maximize battery performance under any condition. By integrating our advanced TMS, you can ensure your machinery operates at peak efficiency, no matter the environment, according to the company.

What Makes HEVI's TMS Stand Out?

Stanley Wang, director of product development at HEVI, described the company's TMS as an intelligent onboard system that meticulously regulates battery temperature through sophisticated cooling and heating mechanisms. This dynamic system adjusts to both environmental and operational conditions, maintaining the battery within its optimal temperature range for superior performance.

Stay Cool With HEVI's Innovative Cooling Solutions

HEVI's TMS incorporates an advanced water-cooling system supported by large, powerful fans. Coolant circulates through channels near the battery cells, absorbing heat and transferring it to a heat exchanger where it is efficiently dissipated.

"Our large fans, positioned at the back of the battery with coolant tubes, direct coolant over the heated components, extracting heat into the liquid, which is then cooled by the fans," explained Wang.

This process is managed by sophisticated algorithms, ensuring efficient and effective cooling based on real-time sensor data.

Conquer the Cold With HEVI's Advanced Heating Technology

Cold weather is no match for HEVI's TMS, which uses Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters to quickly warm the batteries, ensuring reliable cold starts. PTC heaters are self-regulating elements that adjust to the external temperature, allowing voltage to flow freely and heat the unit for maximum power and efficiency.

In addition, HEVI's electric heavy machinery can reduce counterweights, incorporating larger TMS and PTC units to enhance performance in subzero temperatures. PTC heaters also prevent overheating in warmer conditions, working seamlessly with the company's cooling systems for optimal temperature control.

Why Choose HEVI's TMS for Your Electric Construction Equipment?

HEVI's thermal management systems offer numerous benefits:

  • Extended Equipment Life: Protect your batteries from thermal stress and temperature fluctuations, ensuring your equipment lasts longer.
  • Reliable Performance: Experience stable and efficient power delivery, enhancing your operational reliability.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency: Optimize energy conversion and reduce consumption and operating costs by maintaining batteries within their ideal temperature range.
Invest in HEVI's TMS for Superior Performance

Effective thermal management is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your electric heavy equipment. HEVI's advanced TMS technology guarantees that your machinery operates reliably across all conditions, safeguarding your investment and enhancing performance, the company said.

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