’Right-Sized’ Stackers Deliver Higher Piles at Lower Cost

Tue July 15, 2008 - National Edition

A new series of portable stackers from McCloskey International offers the productivity of familiar McCloskey stackers, only re-engineered to reduce costs.

The new 65St and 80St stackers have been redesigned to match the weight of each unit to its height and load requirements. As a result, McCloskey has reduced material requirements and production costs from units that were initially designed to withstand the most severe demands on larger equipment.

Like previous models, ranging from 40 to 125 ft. (12 to 38 m), the new stackers feature McCloskey’s counterweight design, which provides clearance for the transport wheels and frame to stand further back from the pile than a conventional stacker. This design allows operators to pile material higher, with 50 to 90 percent more material in every stockpile. As a result, more material can be processed with every set-up, requiring fewer moves for every job and more efficient use of yard space, according to the manufacturer.

McCloskey is planning to add a third stacker to line, with a 100-ft. (30 m) length, in the near future.



• 65St: 36 in. by 65 ft. (91 cm by 20 m) / 80St: 36 in. by 80 ft. (91 cm by 24 m)

• Hydraulic head drive

• 12 x 38 lagged head pulley

• 12 x 38 wing tail pulley

• 35 degree idlers

• 2.5 in. (1.3 cm) shafts and bearings

• 500 fpm (152 mpm) belt speed

• Radial axle

• Integral pivot point

• 5th wheel king pin

• Onsite tow bar

• Hydraulic raise and lower

• Hydraulic top fold

• Cat diesel 48 hp (36 kW) powerpack (optional)

For more information, call 877/876-6635 or visit www.mccloskeyinternational.com.