Rockland Heavy-Duty H23 Excavator Grapples Deliver Maximum Strength

Wed June 20, 2007 - National Edition

Rockland heavy-duty H23 excavator grapples, by Bedford, Pa.-based Rockland Manufacturing Company, deliver clamping, prying, digging and breakout forces for the severe conditions presented in demolition, rock handling and tough land-clearing applications.

The H23 excavator grapple has recently been redesigned to maximize strength. The result is a narrow two-tine clamp and wider three-tine frame — the preferred tine configuration for demolition work that often requires both clamping and digging — built from high-strength alloy steel plate, with reinforcement at all critical stress points. All Rockland grapples are equipped with replaceable wear plates at the front and rear of each tine, as well as heat-treated pivot pins and bushings for additional strength. Pin and bushing kits are available for grapple interchangeability between machines — allowing contractors to utilize their equipment fleets efficiently on different job sites.

Rockland Manufacturing Company has designed and manufactured attachments for loaders, bulldozers, excavators, graders and skid steers for more than 50 years. Rockland’s custom and specialty products are engineered to fit the customer’s specific application. Standard attachments are designed to fit all makes of equipment. The company’s 130 standard products include buckets, thumbs, grapples, blades, rakes and forks.

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