Rugged Design, Integrated Technology Lowers Ownership Costs and Improves Drilling Efficiency for the New Cat MD6250 Blasthole Drill

Thu March 16, 2017 - National Edition
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Cat MD6250 blasthole drill.
Cat MD6250 blasthole drill.
Cat MD6250 blasthole drill.

The new Cat MD6250 blasthole drill delivers optimum drilling efficiency in single- and multi-pass applications for both rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) modes. Featuring automated operation, the drill runs within ideal operating parameters for maximum bit life, hole accuracy, and reduced total cost of ownership. A sculpted frame design boasts heavy cross-bracing in high-load areas for maximum machine longevity, while the box section provides optimum structural rigidity. The machine's four leveling jacks, mast pivot and deck are all welded integrally to the main frame for maximum durability and long life.

The new MD6250 drill is application-built for efficient drilling of 10- and 12-m (32.8- and 39.4-ft) benches, including angle drilling for cast blasting, making it the ideal drill for mining, quarrying and heavy construction applications. A true global machine, it is EU compliant, GOST certifiable, AUS compliant, CSA certified, MDG15 and MDG41 aligned, meets emissions standards for any region, and meets over 30 ISO standards.

Efficient Hard & Soft Rock Drilling

Offering superior performance in both DTH hard rock and rotary soft rock applications, the flexible machine drills hole diameters reaching 150 to 250 mm (6 to 9.8 in) with bit loads of

22 321 kg (49,210 lb) and 32 655 kg (71,993 lb) respectively for the 11.2-m (36.7-ft) and 13.7-m (44.6-ft) masts. The drill delivers single-pass hole depths of 11.2 m (36.7 ft) and 13.7 m (44.6 ft), and the 11.2-m mast is capable of drilling multi-pass hole depths reaching 53.6 m (176.7 ft), while the 13.7-m mast drills multi-pass depths of up to 37.9 m (124.6 ft).

Highly maneuverable and flexible, the MD6250 features angle drilling from 0 to 30 degrees in 5-degree increments. It has an approach angle of 15 degrees for easy ramp access and loading, while the machine is capable of climbing up to 26-degree grades to get to the bench. Featuring track counter rotation for increased maneuverability, the versatile drill can be equipped with either 600 mm (23.6 in) triple grousers for hard rock applications or 750 mm (29.5 in) triple grousers for working in soft rock. Three-point oscillating suspension allows the machine to negotiate rugged terrain without transferring excessive torsional forces to the main frame.

High Powered Performance

The new MD6250 drill's high-powered power train features the Cat C27 ACERT engine with a 655 kW (879 hp) power rating at 1800 rpm that can be configured to meet any emissions regulation for any region throughout the world. Variable air volume provides up to 50 percent less engine load to significantly increase fuel efficiency. Engine and air intake filters boast 500-hour service intervals help to lower long-term operating costs.

Built for drilling in a variety of extremes, the MD6250 delivers reliable operation at elevations as high as 4 750 m (15,000 ft). Standard ambient temperature operation ranges from -1° C (30° F) to 52° C (125° F), while available arctic temperature packages enable working in subzero temperatures reaching -40° C (-40° F).

To meet site needs, the new drill can be equipped with a variety of compressors, all boasting variable volume control. For DTH drilling, operations have compressor choices of 38.2 m3/min (1,350 ft3/min) @ 34.4 bar (500 psi) or 42.2 m3/min (1,500 ft3/min) @ 24.1 bar (350 psi). A 52.6 m3/min (2,000 ft3/min) @ 8.6 bar (125 psi) compressor is standard for rotary drilling.

Technology Improves Drilling Accuracy

The new MD6250 drill comes with a variety of standard and optional auto drilling features to ensure drill pattern and depth accuracy, so operations can lower explosives costs, improve blast performance and optimize muckpile uniformity to reduce downstream processing costs. An optional auto drill assist controls every step of the drill cycle to simplify the operator's job and improve accuracy. Standard Cat Product Link™ technology enables operations to improve fleet management through customizable reports and mapping.

To further boost drilling efficiency, sites can choose from an available Autonomy Group that includes Cat Command and Terrain. Command for Drilling, which offers options for semi-autonomous drilling of single row missions and ultimately fully autonomous drilling for multi-row missions. Also available, Cat Terrain provides precision machine guidance, ensuring that every hole is accurately placed, drilled to the proper depth and angle, and able to stand up until blasting.

Operating Comfort and Safety

Featuring the latest Caterpillar design, the new MD6250 drill boasts a spacious FOPS cab with 3 m2 (32.4ft2) of floor space and integrated operator's station. Rubber shock-mounts absorb mechanical vibration from drilling and lower exterior noise to the operator's ear. Joystick controls with full instrumentation and dual 254-mm (10-in) color touch screen displays improve operator productivity. A fabric seat, or a leather power seat with heat and ventilation, both include recline, tilt and lumbar support for comfort. The HVAC system features positive pressure and filtration for clean air quality and a new floor vent for improved operator comfort.

A camera mounted on the mast provides the operator full view of the pipe carousel/top drive operation, while cameras at the front and left sides of the drill offer a 360-degree view from the operator's seat for improved operating safety. A full-length window offers an unobstructed view of the drill deck, while large cab windows surround the operator to offer excellent visibility of the work area.

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