Tackle Demolition, Implosion Cleanup With NYE Pulverizer

Fri December 14, 2007 - National Edition

National Attachments Inc.’s extreme performance pulverizers crush pre-cut cast or cast-in-place concrete, asphalt, rock, pipe, decking, and airport tarmac and are ideal for in-place demolition or implosion cleanup.

A fourth generation design with super strong construction and replaceable crushing jaws, convertible with a live back jaw to increase crushing force, this tool was designed to process concrete of all forms.

Custom-fabricated with 100,000 psi quenched and tempered multi-alloy Swedish steels with hardened pins and bushings throughout, this extreme service pulverizer is designed to endure years of the toughest applications, according to the manufacturer.

This demolition and processing tool crushes reinforced concrete, couples and uncouples, separates steel rebar from concrete, and recovers recyclable materials from steel reinforced concrete. Features include pin-on simple installation with back brace welded to underside of dipper-stick, low cost, high output, safe and silent operation.

It is available for all excavator makes and models from 9,000 to 150,000 lbs. (4,082 to 68,039 kg).

For more information, call 800/839-9981.