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The Most Popular Stories of 2015

Take a look back at 2015's most-viewed stories.

Thu December 31, 2015 - National Edition

A look back at the Hoover Dam was one of the most popular stories on the CEG website in 2015.
A look back at the Hoover Dam was one of the most popular stories on the CEG website in 2015.

Here were some of the most viewed stories on the CEG Website in 2015:

1.Hoover Dam: A Symbol of Simple Strength

In 1931, while the United States was flat on its back in the Great Depression, the country rose from the mat, flexed its muscles and began building the mighty Hoover Dam.

2.Caterpillar Announces Restructuring, Cost Reduction Plans

The company takes key steps in a challenging economic climate.

3.Point/Counter Point: Do Millennials Need Special Handling at the Work Site?

A look at how the younger generation is doing on the jobsite.

4.Mike Rowe Defends 'Work Ethic' Comments

The "Dirty Jobs" star offers a blunt reponse to one reader.

5.Razing a Century-Old Bridge Proves Perilous

A video shows a bridge project that didn't go exactly as planned.

6.New York City Tower Causing Double Takes

Even stoic New Yorkers were taken aback by this sight.

7.Crane Armada Keeps Tappan Zee Project Afloat

A look at what it takes to keep the massive project on track.

8.Uber Upscale Tower to Allow for 'Two-Car Garage in the Sky'

Get a glimpse inside a posh apartment complex made for those with rich tastes.

9.Video: Excavator Operator Lucky to Be Alive After Smokestack Collapse

A video shows how an operator barely escaped a tragic fate.

10 . Golf Pros Try for Hardest Hole-In-One Ever

Golf Pros take on one the trickest courses ever.