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Tilt-Up Engine Speeds Maintenance on Caterpillar 303.5

Wed September 27, 2000 - Northeast Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

The Caterpillar 303.5 mini hydraulic excavator is designed and built to deliver increased performance and versatility, ease of operation and serviceability.

The 303.5 weighs 7,672 lbs. (3,480 kg) when equipped with a cab, and produces 25.5 hp (19 kW). The mini-excavator is designed to handle a wide range of tasks, with a large selection of Caterpillar work tools to tailor the machine for more efficient performance. Some of these tasks include building construction, landscaping and demolition. Caterpillar work tools, such as digging buckets, ditch cleaning buckets, hydraulic hammers, augers, shears and crushers can adapt the 303.5 to the job. An optional mechanical quick coupler makes work tool changes quick and easy.

The 303.5 also offers these features:

• A Cat 3013 naturally aspirated, water-cooled, four-stroke, three-cylinder diesel engine with 27 hp (20 kW).

• A three-pump hydraulic system with a pilot control design, balancing power and speed to give smooth control and optimum digging performance. The standard auxiliary valve allows one-way or two-way operation of hydromechanical tools. The optional hydraulic lines are fitted with quick disconnect couplings which allow for easy field installation of hydraulic work tools.

• Both standard and long sticks are available to match the machine to the application. Maximum digging depth with the standard stick is 124 in. (316 cm), and the optional long stick provides 140 in. (356 cm) digging depth.

• The swing system, with its own hydraulic pump, is unaffected by the operation of the front linkage, ensuring constant swing speed and force. An automatic swing brake is spring applied and hydraulically released. The boom swing angle to the left is 90 degrees without stop, and 55 degrees with the stop in place. Boom swing to the right is 50 degrees. The boom swing allows trenching next to walls and obstructions.

• Each track is driven by one independent two-speed motor, delivering a maximum travel speed of 2.8 mph (4.5 km/h). The system also incorporates a straight-line travel function that maintains the machine in a straight line when tracking and using the front linkage or swing circuit simultaneously. Standard track is rubber for work on paved and unpaved surfaces. Steel shoes also are available.

• The blade is sized to the full width of the mini excavator at 61 in. (155 m). A blade float function enhances performance when backdragging or working on finished surfaces.

• The operator station is ergonomically designed. Equipped with a cab or canopy, the 303.5 provides an excellent view to the work area. The optional cab is easy to enter and exit and is equipped with many convenient features. The low-effort pilot hydraulic controls and suspension seat reduce operator fatigue and enhance productivity.

• Ease of service is designed into the 303.5. The tilt-up engine enclosure gives access to all major engine components and service points, and sight gauges for hydraulic oil and fuel make fluid checks convenient. The front linkage and dozer blade have low-maintenance pivot joints for longer service intervals. With 50-hour greasing intervals for bucket joints and swing, and 500-hour greasing intervals for all other joints, the 303.5 does not require any daily greasing.

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