U.S. Chamber Launches Campaign to Promote American Jobs

Fri March 02, 2012 - National Edition
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The U.S. Chamber of Commerce this week ran a full-page ad in The Wall Street Journal and Politico asking Congress and the administration to create jobs by boosting production of American energy. The ad is part of a multi-faceted issue advocacy campaign designed to advance the Chamber’s American Jobs and Growth Agenda.

“Putting Americans back to work must be our nation’s highest priority,” says U.S. Chamber President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue. “The Chamber is using every resource at its disposal—including grass roots advocacy, social media, advertising, and its staff of policy experts—to urge members of Congress and the administration to act on the nation’s most pressing priorities this year.”

The Agenda’s five major themes are: producing American energy and rebuilding our infrastructure; expanding trade investment and tourism; advancing legal and regulatory reform; encouraging innovation; and promoting fiscal responsibility and entitlement reform. The Agenda was unveiled at the U.S. Chamber’s annual State of American Business Address in January.

Each of the five major issues of the American Jobs and Growth Agenda will receive its own integrated campaign over a month or more, including advertising, speeches by Chamber staff and allies all across the country, mobilization of our grassroots network, and social media. Chamber federation members, including state and local chambers and associations, will also be mobilized to emphasize the importance of the Agenda to their local communities.

“When business speaks with one voice and marshals all of its resources it can have a dramatic impact,” says Donohue. “Our goal is to win the support of the American people for our pro-growth, pro-jobs agenda. While we have seen a few hopeful signs, we’re still stuck in the weakest, slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. True recovery can only be achieved with a program that accelerates private sector growth and job creation, restrains the appetites of government, and unleashes the human and natural resources of our country. With the public behind us, we will continue to urge Congress and the White House to work together and enact policies that truly gets our economy growing again and put people back to work.”

The campaign supporting the American Jobs and Growth Agenda will continue over the next several months.

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