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Wacker Neuson Updates Its Reversible Plate Line

Fri March 24, 2017 - National Edition

Wacker Neuson's newest reversible plates, the DPU90 and DPU90R, offer power and performance needed for the toughest compaction jobs. The DPU90 series of reversible vibratory plates combine power, fast forward travel speed, high frequency rate and a rugged design to meet the needs of a variety of granular and mixed soil compaction applications.

The DPU90 offers a height adjustable guide handle that is designed for low hand-arm vibration, locks quickly into place and is quickly released via a foot control. The DPU 90 weighs 1,700 pounds and produces 20,233 pounds of centrifugal force at a rate of 3,780 vibrations per minute. With a 30-inch base plate and forward travel speed up to 98 feet per minute this workhorse can compact up to 14,919 square feet per hour (depending on conditions).

The DPU90r is controlled by a proven infrared remote control with a proximity recognition system and line-of-sight operation. Designed with safety in mind, the remote control only works when in direct visual contact with the plate. The machine will stop when the operator lets go of the control's joysticks or when the remote control box comes within three feet of the machine's receiving eyes. The DPU90r weighs 1,596 pounds and produces 20,233 pounds of centrifugal force at a rate of 3,780 vibrations per minute. With the forward speed up to 92 feet per minute and the 30-inch baseplate, up to 13,929 square feet of soil can be compacted in an hour (depending on conditions).

Both units are powered by a 14.3 horsepower Kohler, water-cooled diesel engine and are available with either a machine protection sensor that detects machine overload or Compatec, Wacker Neuson's compaction detection system with overload protection. The DPU90s are designed for quick and easy routine maintenance with accessible components including a high capacity air filter that increases service life. The open baseplate design reduces hydraulic hose and cable damage as well as being easy to clean.

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