Yancey Bros. Co. Hosts Machine Control Demo

Fri December 23, 2011 - Southeast Edition

Demo guests seized the opportunity to quickly become proficient on slope work using the Accugrade dual GPS system mounted on a Cat D6N LGP.
Demo guests seized the opportunity to quickly become proficient on slope work using the Accugrade dual GPS system mounted on a Cat D6N LGP.
Demo guests seized the opportunity to quickly become proficient on slope work using the Accugrade dual GPS system mounted on a Cat D6N LGP. Yancey Bros.’ Horace Stringfellow (R) chats with some of his Macon area customers, Andy Smith (L), and Trippe Brooks, of Sellers Construction, Gordon, Ga., about the cross slope system on the Cat M series motorgrader. Discussing the benefits of using the Accugrade UTS system on a Cat 12M motorgrader are (L-R) John Faress, Equipment Division Vice President, C.W. Matthews Contracting Co., Marietta, Ga.; Bob Peck and Kevin Lane, both of Yancey Bros. Co.; and Al Eckford, D Yancey Bros.’ Heath Hanna rides along with an operator for guidance in the efficiency of the Cat 12M motorgrader equipped with the Accugrade Cross Slope system. Contractor finance executives joined the Yancey staff to get a first hand account of financial feasibility of machine control systems and included (L-R) Mark Thurston, Vice President of Finance,Vulcan Materials Company, Sandy Springs, Ga.; Yancey Bros. Co A SITECH SE, Lutz, Fla., representative (L), with the help of Trimble customers Denard Johnson (C), Dekalb County (Ga.) Landfill Services and Charlie Stewart, Reeves Construction, Macon, Ga., provides an in-depth presentation of the Trimble SPS total stat Lamar Hester, Sales Engineer, Trimble, Atlanta, provides a quick preview of the Accugrade system on the Cat 336DL excavator to Tommy Walker (in cab), W.S. Jackson Construction Company, Sandersville, Ga. Exploring cost savings and efficiency through the use of the Accugrade excavator system are (L-R from below, clockwise) John Paul Jones, Dannie Harrison, and Frank Moroney, Georgia Asphalt, Macon, Ga.; Horace Stringfellow, Yancey Bros. Co.; and Lamar Hest

Yancy Bros. Co. hosted a machine control and guidance demonstration at the I-75 Business Park in Macon, Ga., on Dec. 2. The event allowed guests the opportunity to take advantage of a total “hands on” demonstration of some of the newest technology and equipment from Trimble and Accugrade. Most of the attendees also stayed for a catered barbeque lunch and time to further discuss their demo experiences.

The demo consisted of a series of six different stations including a Trimble Total Station and GPS Rover. Machine control configurations included: a Cat D6N equipped with Accugrade Dual GPS; Cat D5K with Accugrade Dual Laser; Cat 336DL equipped with Accugrade Dual GPS, Cat 12M with Accugrade UTS; and a 12M with Accugrade Cross Slope system.

Russ Allen, Manager-Finance Reporting and Analysis,Vulcan Materials, Sandy Springs, Ga., had never tested equipment with machine control. The demo served as an opportunity for Allen to become completely familiar with machine control when looking at the cost-benefit aspect for his company.

After operating the Cat 12M with Accugrade Cross Slope, Allen stated “I think we could save on training expense. Our operators could learn this very quickly.” He further added that getting their haul roads in optimal condition without guesswork would be a big asset to their operations.

Kevin Lane, Corporate Accounts Manager-Yancey Bros. Co., Austell, Ga., added, “There’s value in this technology for the quarries. If the haul roads at a quarry are not maintained correctly, you can lose a lot of time and production when moving material. Correctly maintaining and sloping a haul road, like we’re showing here at this demo, minimizes damage and rutting and can be a huge advantage in getting more tons per day/per week/per month from a pit to the crusher. This is what we are stressing to the quarry customers, reduction in cost per ton for hauling their product. More tons per day means overall quarry costs go down which equates to being able to bid product at a lower cost with increased sales potential.”

Veteran equipment operator, Tommy Walker of W.S. Jackson Construction Company, Sandersville, Ga., was impressed with his test of the Accugrade Dual GPS system on the Cat 336DL excavator. His company has tried other machine control technology and Walker liked the simplicity of machine operation with the Accugrade system, and stated “I like the way this machine is set up and I like what I see here.”