Eager Beaver's Latest Trailer Model Boasts the Best of Both Worlds

Tue February 06, 2018 - National Edition

The Eager Beaver 50GSL-PT-BW.
The Eager Beaver 50GSL-PT-BW.

The Eager Beaver 50GSL-PT-BW is a cross between a standard lowboy with a boomwell and the company's PT paver trailer.

Over the past several years, Eager Beaver's paver trailer line has become its most popular style of lowboy. Whether loading a paver or an excavator, customers have found that the low loading angle of the PT series is just a better way to load their equipment, according to the company.

The customer base for the PT series is no longer limited to asphalt contractors so Eager Beaver has opened up the rear deck to make it even more useful for all types of equipment. The boomwell allows for the transportation of larger excavators while the low approach angle and the wood-covered riser still allow for the loading of rollers, skid steers and other small equipment up onto the rear deck.

This new line is available in 35, 50, 55 and 60 ton (31.7, 45, 50 and 54 t) capacities.

For more information, visit www.eagerbeavertrailers.com.