Hiniker Company

Mankato, Minn.-based Hiniker Company, manufacturer of agricultural and snow and ice control equipment, is bringing several new offerings to market this year, including an anti-icing liquid brine applicator, simply called the Brine App. "We tested it last year and we're redesigning it so it's actually in build right now," shared Matt Morrison, director of sales and marketing.

Hiniker Company's 3600 Series skid steer snow pushers are available in 96- and 120-in. (244 and 305 cm) widths and feature a durable rubber cutting edge for cleaning on paved surfaces. With 36-in. (91.4 cm) tall by 36-in. deep sides, the box-type snow pusher offers plenty of snow moving capacity.

Hiniker Company recently introduced its new 1700 Series Tilt-Lift plow. The Hiniker lifting action keeps the moldboard positioned below the level of the truck lights, eliminating the need for auxiliary plow-mounted headlights. This reduces overall cost and installation time, as well as maintenance requirements.