PIRTEK Kent and PIRTEK Seattle, owned by Gregory Shideler, are unique in comparison to most of the other service and supply centers within the corporation. Due to their proximity to the Port of Seattle, the teams at these Washington locations have become specialized in hydraulic operations aboard large seafaring vessels.

The Cincinnati metropolitan area is the fastest growing economic hub in the Midwest. Its commercial output is rapidly increasing, supported by equally fast population growth. As Ohio's largest city and the nation's 29th-largest metropolitan area, Cincinnati is home to a robust assortment of manufacturing companies.

When Todd Miceli opened Utah's very first PIRTEK franchise back in 2017 — PIRTEK Salt Lake City — he anticipated that both the business and residential populations nearby would continue to flourish. He was correct — with 80 percent of Utah's population falling within a 60-mi.

Birmingham, Ala.'s, Oxmoor Industrial Park is in the heart of the area's metropolitan market and is home to a broad variety of businesses representing a cross-section of industries. UPS and FedEx distribution facilities, a dairy plant, U.S. Army Reserve base and a Pepsi beverage bottling center are all located within a few miles of each other.

As the largest in Pennsylvania, the city of Philadelphia is home to a vast number of businesses, each in their respective industries. These businesses require a lot of support to keep all of their hydraulic components operational. Ken Adair, a long-time PIRTEK franchisee based in Illinois, recently took over ownership of the PIRTEK South Philadelphia location.

Owner of PIRTEK Menomonee Falls, Wis., Tom Fechter landed a massive job on a Great Lakes area barge this past winter. The boat, named the Integrity, needed custom-fabricated hoses and fittings onsite. The scope of work included the replacement of 258 hoses on the vessel — a task that was simply too large for many competitors.

Capitol Heights is a town in Prince George's County, Maryland, which is the namesake of David Entwistle's new PIRTEK Service & Supply Center. He has owned another successful location nearby - PIRTEK Rockville - since 2013. Both of his storefronts are centrally located in the state, which makes it easier for his mobile technicians to reach customers throughout Maryland very quickly.

Knoxville, Tenn., is a rapidly growing area with lots of new construction. It also is home to world class research facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which draw in a lot of manufacturers — particularly those working with advanced materials and robotics.

PIRTEK Love Field recently announced a new location change for one of its facilities, effective immediately. The new Service & Supply Center opened its doors at 2126 Irving Blvd., Dallas. "Our goal is to keep providing the outstanding customer service that people associate with the PIRTEK name," said Stuart Morrison, new owner of PIRTEK Love Field.

PIRTEK Madison, which began as a mobile-only location two years ago, has opened a full Service and Supply Center to better address the needs of its growing customer base. The franchise opened in Wisconsin's capital under PIRTEK USA's Tier 2 program, a mobile-only option that enables business owners to start up a PIRTEK at a lower initial cost.

PIRTEK USA is tapping into a massive base of construction and industrial activity by opening its first location in New York City. PIRTEK Bronx, a new mobile-only service location, serves a variety of industries including construction, equipment rental and marine.