World War II

A WWII-era poster made in 1942 by Pittsburgh artist Howard Miller for the Westinghouse Company's War Production Coordinating Committee as part of a series to support the war effort has become an iconic image of female know-how and strength. Commonly referred to as Rosie the Riveter, the image is actually titled "We Can Do It!" It pictures a woman wearing a red and white polka-dot bandana and blue coveralls flexes her bicep in a demonstration of ability and determination.

Berlin police evacuated thousands of people from a central area of the German capital April 20 and shut down the main train station as a precaution while they defused and removed an unexploded World War II bomb found during recent construction work. Some 10,000 residents and workers were forced to leave a two-square-kilometer (almost a square mile) area, including the train station, while bomb experts defused the 1,100-lb.

A southern Indiana redevelopment group is moving ahead with the first phase of the planned demolition of nearly 180 World War II concrete bunkers that were once used to store explosive powder at an Army ammunition plant. Twenty-five of the so-called "igloos" that dot an industrial park will be demolished under a $287,500 contract recently approved by the River Ridge Development Authority, the News and Tribune reported.

Construction workers unearthed a box of hand grenades while digging a trench in Ballwin, Mo., Sept. 5. After the discovery, the St. Louis County Bomb Squad was called to check three grenades that a worker found approximately 2 ft. deep into a water drainage ditch, Fox2Now reported.

Russian Northern Fleet specialists plan to retrieve a sunken WWII-era transporter with a restored self-propelled floating crane. According to Fleet Search and Rescue Operations Chief Captain 1st Rank Vladmir Gorban, crews will work through 2018 to restore the crane before using it to recover equipment on the Thomas Donaldson transporter, which sank to the bottom of the Arctic Sea in WWII, reported.

BERLIN – A busy stretch of the German Autobahn near Hannover has been shut down after unexploded World War II-era bombs were located during construction work. Specialists unearthed a British bomb in one location, an American aerial mine in another and unidentified incendiary bombs in a third location, the dpa news agency reported Sunday.