Drum Cutter

Brodarica in Croatia is a small and peaceful holiday village by the sea. Its catchword is relax. This small cozy area offers amenities where tourists and local families can have a pleasant time. All easily achieved, until recently, when the water mains change became imperative.

When it comes to drum cutters, their strengths and weaknesses would seem obvious. However, there are constant innovations for these types of machinery, which are essential in sectors that deal with digging, cutting, profiling, or reducing hard materials with "millimetric" precision.

Kinshofer, a global manufacturer of excavator and loader crane attachments, introduces the WS drum cutter series. Kinshofer acquired the drum cutter line in early 2018 with the purchase of Schaeff Transverse Cutter from Atlas GmbH. The drum cutters feature an exclusive pick angle and optimal chisel arrangement for high performance and minimal wear, making the attachments ideal for mining, tunneling, road construction and demolition.

Even today in Bolivia, the phrase "worth a Potosì" means "it is worth a fortune." Just by passing through the streets of Potosì and listening to the former miners retell the history of the city, you become aware of the beauty and magic of what was once one of the richest cities in the world.

Epiroc AB, the subsidiary of Atlas Copco Group that is planned to be listed on the stock exchange in 2018, has introduced the ER 1500 drum cutter excavator attachment. The powerful transverse drum cutter is ideal for tunneling, special foundation work, demolition and soil mixing, and features an integrated dust suppression system to help maximize safety and help to achieve OSHA silica dust regulations.

Husqvarna introduces the DC 200 drum cutter, a new attachment for the DXR demolition robot product line. The DC 200 is a versatile attachment made for surface profi ling rock or concrete, trenching, excavating frozen soil, soft rock excavation in quarries, demolition and dredging.