Bored-tunnel construction method

Constructed 250-ft. beneath the city, a 28-mi. long stretch of 18-ft. diameter deep rock tunnels will dramatically reduce the threat to public health and the environment in Indianapolis, Ind. The DigIndy project is part of a $2 billion effort to reduce combined sewer overflows into area waterways.

The I-64 Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) in southeastern Virginia is at the beginning of an expansion project to help ease congestion in the area. The project, which comes with a price tag numbering in the billions, is the Virginia Department of Transportation's largest in history.

Although boring won't begin until early next year, construction crews in Cape Charles, Va., are making significant progress on the Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel (PTST) project. At a cost of $756 million, a new two-lane tunnel will be built under Thimble Shoal Channel.

The start of the new year signals dramatic changes ahead for Seattle drivers and commuters. On Jan. 11, 2019, the Alaskan Way Viaduct permanently closes to start three weeks of work needed to open the new State Route 99 tunnel. When the new SR 99 tunnel opens in early February, getting to and from Seattle via SR 99 will be a very different experience than it is today.

As a milestone in the procurement process for the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel (HRBT) Expansion project, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) has announced the project will move forward with the bored-tunnel construction method to deliver the next connection across the Hampton Roads harbor.