As part of the renewal of a railroad overpass in Goslar, Germany, Mammoet was contracted by the construction company Echterhoff to install a 4,409 ton bridge. Due to the size and characteristics of the structure, the movement of the bridge was required to be very smooth and precise, and Mammoet's digital solution was chosen for the project.

For Bergheim, Germany-based crane service provider Wasel, the new Demag AC 45 City cranes handed over on June 3rd in Zweibrücken were number two and three of the model this year. "We put our first AC 45 City into operation back in January," report crane operators Wolfgang Pahl and Hans-Joachim Schulz, who are avowed Demag and City fans and accordingly refused to miss out on the chance to pick up the two new cranes at the plant in Zweibrücken.

Steel production is a vast, complex and highly integrated process. From the delivery of scrap, to smelting, loading finished material, to processing slag, each component depends on the others to function seamlessly and continuously. In Meitingen, Germany, Max Aicher Umwelt (MAU) processes slag from the furnaces of the nearby Lech-Stahlwerke mill.

Constrained spaces often make indoor projects a tricky proposition – especially when unwieldy loads need to be lifted. And this was exactly the case for the Merkel Autokrane GmbH job inside a production facility for precast concrete elements run by FTO Fertigteilwerk Obermain.

In Sennebogen terms, generations have passed since Finkbeiner KG commissioned its electric-drive Sennebogen 835 C-Series machine in 2003. Over the next 16 years, Sennebogen established new benchmarks for safety in material handlers with its D-Series line-up, then led the drive to new levels of "Green Efficiency" energy savings with the launch of its E Series machines in 2012.

Exporters and stevedores working in the north German Town of Vierow have been admiring the performance of a towering green addition to the port's material handling fleet. In early 2019, Viela Export GmbH commissioned its new Sennebogen 855 E-Series material handler.

A Grove GMK6400 crane from BKL's crane fleet played a key role in the construction of the new heat storage system on Ingelheimer Aue between Wiesbaden and Mainz in Germany. The specialists at the Frankfurt location of BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH planned the operation and completed the last lifting job with the powerful Grove AT crane.

The name change from "Terex Demag" to "Tadano Demag" took visible form on September 7th. More specifically, the signage on the high-bay warehouse at Dinglerstraße was replaced and all instances of the "Terex" logo were changed to "Tadano", and all with a Demag crane — as befits the company, of course.

Past the piles of new scrap, the latest addition to the equipment fleet of Scholz Recycling GmbH is making its way through the yard's storage areas, on its way to the day's first work site. The Sennebogen green 835 M E Series material handler will start its day by unloading trucks and sorting the material.

The one thing better than a 730 M-HD log handler is two 730 M-HD log handlers. That's the decision of the Rettenmeier Holzfabrik GmbH sawmill facility in Hirschberg, Germany. The Hirschberg mill is one of Rettenmeier's six timber processing plants, where the plant specializes in producing a wide range of softwood construction products, from dimension lumber to laminates.

Everyone at Hallbergmoos, Germany-based Tecra-Autokran GmbH is extremely happy with the quality and performance of their Demag AC 100-4L all-terrain crane, which is evidenced by the fact that the company has now ordered its second Demag crane of this model.