Fraley Construction Marketing

Fraley Construction Marketing will celebrate five years in business on Memorial Day. The company has continuously streamlined its market and services and experienced organic growth year after year. Fraley launched in May 2014 to bring marketing services to the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sector.

LinkedIn remains the undisputed champ among social media platforms for the construction industry, according to survey results rolled out at the Construction Marketing Association's 2017 Social Media Summit. In fact, it far outranks other platforms, including the 800-lb.-gorilla Facebook, with a whopping 92 percent using it.

Marketing is more image-driven than ever. You would think that would make for an easy transition in a visually driven industry like construction. Jobsites are full of eye candy, and yet many construction photos used for marketing purposes don't properly capture the action.

The job is wrapping up and your driver is picking up a dozer to haul back to the yard. The tracks are caked with dried mud and stones following grading after an extended period of rain. It's a Friday afternoon and he's barreling down the streets of a high rent district to get the machine delivered so he can start the weekend.

How do we take down the 800-pound gorilla that dominates our market segment? It's the question that keeps many construction executives awake at night. The short answer, which we will unpack here, is that you need to start building a legacy brand. Perhaps “take down” is a bit dramatic so let's reframe it.

The construction industry leaves too much on the table when it comes to email marketing, the modern alternative to direct mail. Some firms are creating informative campaigns that get results, but most use it to spew digital advertisements that make subscribers cringe.