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Off-Highway Trucks By Payload

Off-Highway trucks, Off-Road trucks, Mining trucks, Haul trucks, whatever you call them, they are larger than ever and getting bigger with every generation.

The Largest Payload Off-Highway Trucks

Off-highway trucks are continuously getting larger and stronger to handle the harshest working conditions across the world. Here we highlight a few of the largest.

Belaz 75710 (450 Tons)

The BelAZ 75710 is currently the largest haul truck in the world. This dual-engine truck was developed by the Belarusian company Belaz and has a payload capacity of 450 metric tons. This makes it capable of hauling large amounts of heavy materials, such as coal and ore, from mining sites to processing facilities.

The Belaz 75710 is powered by a 16-cylinder diesel engine that produces over 4,600 horsepower. It measures almost 21 meters in length and 8.16 meters in width, making it an imposing presence on the roads. It also has a top speed of 64 km/h, allowing it to quickly transport materials to their destination. The Belaz 75710 is also designed to be environmentally friendly, with a focus on reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Caterpillar 797F (401 Tons)

The Cat 797F is a mining truck manufactured by Caterpillar Inc. It is part of the 797 series, which is known for its massive size and impressive hauling capabilities at 400 tons. The 797F features a gross vehicle weight of over 690,000 pounds, making it one of the largest trucks in the world. It is powered by a powerful Cat C175-20 engine, which provides 2,300 horsepower and 13,500 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to easily navigate challenging terrain and haul massive loads.

In addition to its impressive size and power, the Cat 797F also boasts advanced technology and safety features. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art operator cab, which provides a comfortable and safe work environment for the driver. The truck also has advanced sensors and monitoring systems, which provide real-time information on the truck's performance and help prevent potential problems. Overall, the Cat 797F is a reliable and powerful mining truck that is designed to handle the toughest mining conditions.

Komatsu 980E-4 (400 Tons)

The Komatsu 980E-4 is a electric drive mining truck built to operate in the tough conditions of the Canadian oil sands, and similar conditions around the world, and is designed to handle heavy loads with ease. It has a massive payload capacity of up to 400 tons, making it ideal for use in large-scale mining operations. The 980E-4 is equipped with a high-performance engine that provides exceptional power and fuel efficiency, allowing it to tackle even the most demanding tasks.

In addition to its impressive payload capacity, the 980E-4 also boasts a number of other advanced features that make it a top choice for mining professionals. It has a high-strength frame and suspension system that provides superior stability and durability, even in the most challenging conditions. The truck also comes equipped with a state-of-the-art operator cab that provides a comfortable and safe working environment for the operator.

In addition to its impressive power and payload capacity, the 980E-4 also features advanced technology to improve efficiency and safety. It is equipped with Komatsu's advanced KOMTRAX telematics system, which provides real-time data on the truck's performance and location. It also has an automated transmission that allows the operator to easily shift gears and control the truck's speed, improving productivity and reducing fatigue. Overall, the 980E-4 is a powerful and versatile machine that is essential for mining operations.

Liebherr T284 (400 Tons)

The Liebherr T284 is the next advance after the T282C that is a mining truck known for its exceptional performance and durability. With a payload capacity of up to 400 tons, this truck is capable of handling the heaviest loads in the mining industry. Its powerful engines and advanced hydraulics enable it to tackle even the toughest terrains, making it a reliable choice for mining operations around the world.

In addition to its impressive payload capacity, the Liebherr T284 also boasts a number of advanced features that make it a top-choice for mining companies. Its advanced load-sensing hydraulics provide superior traction and stability, while its state-of-the-art cabin design ensures operator comfort and safety. Additionally, the truck has a comprehensive maintenance and repair system that ensures it stays in top condition for maximum uptime and productivity.

Terex MT6300AC (400 Tons)

Introduced by Terex in 2008, this 400-ton payload truck was rebranded as Bucyrus in early 2010. It became a part of the Caterpillar Unit Rig line when Caterpillar bought Bucyrus in late 2010. It sports a 20-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine with a power output of 3,750HP.

The Terex MT6300AC is a powerful mining truck that is designed for use in heavy-duty mining operations. It has a large capacity of up to 400 short tons, making it suitable for hauling large amounts of materials. The truck is powered by a powerful diesel engine, which provides it with ample power and torque to handle the toughest mining tasks.

One of the standout features of the Terex MT6300AC is its advanced suspension system. This system allows the truck to maintain a smooth and stable ride, even when carrying heavy loads. Additionally, the truck is equipped with a state-of-the-art cab design, which provides the operator with a comfortable and ergonomic working environment. Other features include a robust and durable construction, as well as a range of safety features to protect the operator and the truck.

Belaz 75601 (397 Tons)

The BelAZ 75601 is the second truck in the 7560 line and can haul upwards of 397 tons. The 75601 is a 4-cycle, 20 cylinder engine that outputs up to 4,000 HP. Like the 75710 after it, the 75601 is designed for the harshest climates around the globe, working in (ambient temperatures from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius.

Caterpillar 797B (380 Tons)

The Caterpillar 797B is the predecessor to the 797F and second in the 797 ultra class line of off-highway, haul trucks. It is rated to haul up to 380 tons and built for mining and heavy-duty construction applications around the world. The B model increased payload and engine power over the original 797.

Off-Highway Trucks by payload

Belaz 75710 450 Tons
Caterpillar 797F 401 Tons
Komatsu 980E-4 400 Tons
Liebherr T284 400 Tons
Liebherr T282B 400 Tons
Terex MT6300AC 400 Tons
Belaz 75601 397 Tons
Caterpillar 797B 380 Tons
Caterpillar 797 360 Tons
Komatsu 960E-2K 360 Tons
Komatsu 960E-1 360 Tons
Komatsu 960E 360 Tons
Terex MT5500 360 Tons
Terex MT5500AC 359 Tons
Belaz 75600 352 Tons
Terex 33-19 350 Tons
Caterpillar 795F AC 345 Tons
Hitachi EH5000 AC-3 326 Tons
Hitachi EH5000 AC-2 320 Tons
Komatsu 930E-4SE 320 Tons
Hitachi EH5000 315 Tons
Hitachi EH4500-2 310 Tons
Komatsu 860E-1K 280 Tons
Caterpillar 793F 250 Tons
Caterpillar 793C XQ 248 Tons
Caterpillar 793C 246 Tons
Komatsu 830E 245 Tons
Hitachi EH4000ACII 244 Tons
Komatsu 830E-AC 244 Tons
Komatsu 830E-1AC 244 Tons
Hitachi EH4000 AC-3 243 Tons
Caterpillar 793D 240 Tons
Terex MT4400AC 240 Tons
Terex MT4400 240 Tons
Hitachi EH3500 210 Tons
Komatsu 730E-7 205 Tons
Terex MT3700B 205 Tons
Terex MT3700AC 205 Tons
Hitachi EH3500 AC-2 204 Tons
Komatsu 730E 203 Tons
Caterpillar 789D 200 Tons
Hitachi EH3500 AC-3 200 Tons
Caterpillar 789C 195 Tons
Caterpillar 789 195 Tons
Hitachi EH3000 170 Tons
Terex MT3600B 170 Tons
Terex 33-15B 170 Tons
Hitachi HD1500-7 158 Tons
Komatsu HD1500-7 158 Tons
Caterpillar 785D 150 Tons
Caterpillar 785C 150 Tons
Caterpillar 785 150 Tons
Dresser 510E 150 Tons
Terex MT3300AC 150 Tons
Terex MT3300 150 Tons
Komatsu HD1200M-1 120 Tons
Komatsu HD1200-1 120 Tons
Hitachi EH1700 108 Tons
Haulmax 3900D 104 Tons
Hitachi EH1700-3 104 Tons
Komatsu HD785-7 103 Tons
Caterpillar 777F 100 Tons
Hitachi HD785-7 100 Tons
Terex TR100 100 Tons
Hitachi EH1600 98 Tons
Caterpillar 777G 95 Tons
Caterpillar 777B 95 Tons
Euclid R85B 94 Tons
Caterpillar 777D 89 Tons
Komatsu HD785-5 86 Tons
Komatsu HD785-1 86 Tons
Caterpillar 777 85 Tons
Terex 33-11C 85 Tons
Hitachi EH1100-5 77 Tons
Komatsu HD680 75 Tons
Caterpillar D300B 74 Tons
Hitachi EH1100-3 72 Tons
Hitachi EH1100 72 Tons
Terex TR70 72 Tons
Caterpillar 775F 70 Tons
Caterpillar 775D 70 Tons
Hitachi HD605-8 69 Tons
Komatsu HD605-8 69 Tons
Caterpillar 775E 68 Tons
Hitachi EH1000 68 Tons
Caterpillar 775G 64 Tons
Komatsu HD780 64 Tons
Euclid R60 63 Tons
Komatsu HD605-7 63 Tons
Komatsu HD605-5 63 Tons
Hitachi HD465-8 61 Tons
Komatsu HD465-8 61 Tons
Komatsu HD465-7 61 Tons
Bell B60E 60 Tons
Caterpillar 773F 60 Tons
Caterpillar 773E 60 Tons
Caterpillar 773B 60 Tons
Hitachi EH700-2 60 Tons
Terex TR60 60 Tons
Volvo A60H 60 Tons
Caterpillar 73D 58 Tons
Caterpillar 773G 55 Tons
Komatsu HD465-5 55 Tons
Komatsu HD465-2 55 Tons
Terex 33-09 55 Tons
Caterpillar 772G 51 Tons
Moxy MT51 51 Tons
Bell B50E 50 Tons
Caterpillar 773 50 Tons
Caterpillar 772G IV 50 Tons
Caterpillar 772 50 Tons
Caterpillar 745C 50 Tons
Euclid R50 50 Tons
Hitachi AH500D 50 Tons
Liebherr T262 50 Tons
Liebherr T252 50 Tons
Caterpillar AD40 II 48 Tons
Caterpillar 773D 48 Tons
Caterpillar 740 EJ 46 Tons
John Deere 460E 46 Tons
Bell B45E 45 Tons
Bell B45D 45 Tons
Caterpillar 771D 45 Tons
Caterpillar 745 45 Tons
Hitachi HD405-7 45 Tons
Komatsu HD405-7 45 Tons
Komatsu HD405-6 45 Tons
Terex TR45 45 Tons
Volvo A45G FS 45 Tons
Volvo A45G 45 Tons
Caterpillar AE40 II 44 Tons
Caterpillar 740B 44 Tons
Doosan DA40-5 44 Tons
Doosan DA40 44 Tons
Hitachi HM400-5 44 Tons
Komatsu HM400-5 44 Tons
Komatsu HD405-8 44 Tons
Bell B40E 43 Tons
Volvo A40G FS 43 Tons
Volvo A40G 43 Tons
Volvo A40F 6X6 FS 43 Tons
Volvo A40F 6X6 43 Tons
Volvo A40F 43 Tons
Volvo A40E 43 Tons
Caterpillar 770G 42 Tons
Caterpillar 740C EJ 42 Tons
Caterpillar 740B EJ 42 Tons
Caterpillar 740 42 Tons
Hitachi EH750-3 42 Tons
Hitachi EH750-2 42 Tons
Terex TA40 42 Tons
Astra ADT40C 41 Tons
Hitachi AH400D 41 Tons
John Deere 410E 41 Tons
John Deere 400D 41 Tons
Moxy MT41 41 Tons
Terex TA400 41 Tons
Volvo A40D 41 Tons
Case 340B 40 Tons
Case 340 40 Tons
Caterpillar D40D 40 Tons
Caterpillar D400E II 40 Tons
Caterpillar D400E 40 Tons
Caterpillar D400D 40 Tons
Caterpillar 770G IV 40 Tons
Caterpillar 770 40 Tons
Caterpillar 769C 40 Tons
Caterpillar 735C 40 Tons
Caterpillar 69D 40 Tons
Hitachi HD325-7 40 Tons
John Deere 400C 40 Tons
Komatsu HM400-3 40 Tons
Komatsu HM400-2 40 Tons
Komatsu HD325-8 40 Tons
Komatsu HD325-7 40 Tons
Komatsu HD325-6 40 Tons
Terex TR40 40 Tons
Terex 4066C 40 Tons
Terex 33-07 40 Tons
Volvo BM A40 6x6 40 Tons
Bell B35E 37 Tons
Doosan A35G FS 37 Tons
Doosan A35G 37 Tons
John Deere 370E 37 Tons
Terex TA35 37 Tons
Volvo A35G FS 37 Tons
Volvo A35G 37 Tons
Volvo A35F 6X6 FS 37 Tons
Volvo A35F 6X6 37 Tons
Volvo A35F 37 Tons
Volvo A35E 37 Tons
Caterpillar 735B 36 Tons
Caterpillar 735 36 Tons
Euclid R32 36 Tons
Hitachi AH350D 36 Tons
John Deere 350D 36 Tons
Moxy MT36 36 Tons
Volvo A35D 36 Tons
Astra ADT35C 35 Tons
Case 335B 35 Tons
Case 335 35 Tons
Caterpillar D350E II 35 Tons
Caterpillar D350E 35 Tons
Caterpillar D350D 35 Tons
Caterpillar D350C 35 Tons
Caterpillar 769D 35 Tons
John Deere 350C 35 Tons
Komatsu HM350-2 35 Tons
Terex TR35 35 Tons
Volvo BM BM A35 35 Tons
Volvo A35C 6x6 35 Tons
Caterpillar 730C2 EJ 34 Tons
Caterpillar 730C2 34 Tons
Caterpillar AD30 33 Tons
Dezzi AD30S 33 Tons
Hitachi EH600 32 Tons
Komatsu HD325-3 32 Tons
Komatsu HD320-3 32 Tons
Astra ADT30C 31 Tons
Case 330B 31 Tons
Caterpillar 730C EJ 31 Tons
Caterpillar 730C 31 Tons
Caterpillar 730 EJ 31 Tons
Caterpillar 730 31 Tons
Doosan DA30-5 31 Tons
Doosan DA30 31 Tons
John Deere 310E 31 Tons
Moxy MT31 31 Tons
Terex TA30-IS 31 Tons
Terex TA30 31 Tons
Volvo A30G 31 Tons
Volvo A30F 6x6 31 Tons
Volvo A30F 31 Tons
Volvo A30E 31 Tons
Volvo A30D 31 Tons
Case 330 30 Tons
Caterpillar D30D 30 Tons
Caterpillar D300E II 30 Tons
Caterpillar D300E 30 Tons
Caterpillar D300D 30 Tons
Hitachi HM300-5 30 Tons
Hitachi AH300D 30 Tons
John Deere 300D II 30 Tons
John Deere 300D 30 Tons
John Deere 300C 30 Tons
Komatsu HM300-3 30 Tons
Komatsu HM300-2 30 Tons
Komatsu HM300-1 30 Tons
Komatsu HA270-3 30 Tons
Link-Belt E30 30 Tons
Link-Belt D300 30 Tons
Link-Belt D30 30 Tons
Terex TA300 30 Tons
Terex 33-05B 30 Tons
Terex 3066C 30 Tons
Volvo BM A30 6x6 30 Tons
Caterpillar 725C2 29 Tons
Caterpillar 725C 29 Tons
Dezzi AD25B 6X4 & 6X6 28 Tons
Dezzi AD25 4X2 & 4X4 28 Tons
Komatsu HM300-5 28 Tons
Komatsu HA250-3 28 Tons
Terex TA27 28 Tons
Terex TA250 28 Tons
Terex 2766C 28 Tons
Volvo A30C 28 Tons
Astra ADT25C 26 Tons
Case 327B 26 Tons
Caterpillar 725 26 Tons
Hitachi AH250D 26 Tons
John Deere 260E 26 Tons
John Deere 250D 26 Tons
Moxy MT26 26 Tons
Volvo A25G 26 Tons
Volvo A25F 6X6 26 Tons
Volvo A25F 26 Tons
Volvo A25E 26 Tons
Volvo A25D 26 Tons
Case 325 25 Tons
Caterpillar D25D 25 Tons
Caterpillar D250E II 25 Tons
Caterpillar D250E 25 Tons
Caterpillar D250D 25 Tons
Caterpillar D250B 25 Tons
John Deere 250D II 25 Tons
John Deere 250C 25 Tons
Link-Belt D25 25 Tons
Terex TA25 25 Tons
Volvo BM A25C 6x6 25 Tons
Volvo BM A25C 4x4 25 Tons
Volvo BM A25 B 4x4 25 Tons
Volvo BM A25 6x6 25 Tons
Volvo BM A25 6x4 25 Tons
Volvo BM A25 4x4 25 Tons
Volvo BM 5350B 25 Tons
Volvo A25C 6x6 25 Tons
Volvo A25C 4x4 25 Tons
Dezzi AD20B 6X4 &6X6 22 Tons
Dezzi AD20B 4X2 & 4X4 22 Tons
Hydrema 922HM 22 Tons
JCB 722 22 Tons
Volvo BM A20C 6x6 22 Tons
Komatsu HD200-2 20 Tons
Volvo BM A20 6x6 20 Tons
Volvo BM A20 6x4 20 Tons
Volvo BM 861 6x6 20 Tons
Volvo BM 861 20 Tons
Bell B20E 19 Tons
JCB 718 18 Tons
Komatsu HD180-4 18 Tons
Link-Belt D16 16 Tons
Bell B25E 15 Tons
JCB 714 14 Tons
Hydrema 912HM Water Tanker 11 Tons
Hydrema 912HM 11 Tons
Hydrema 912ES Rail 11 Tons
Hydrema 912ES 11 Tons
Hydrema 912DS 11 Tons
Hydrema 912HM Flatbed 10 Tons

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