Your business could benefit in a range of operational savings, including your fuel budget, if you can upgrade to newer-model machinery and trucks. One lifecycle analysis has shown tremendous per-truck savings just by upgrading to a 2021 model. The Fleet Advantage Truck Lifecycle Data Index compares operating costs of older-model Class-8 trucks to 2021 model year replacements.

Oil changes are one of the most time-consuming routine maintenance activities, and also high risk for environmental and safety hazards. The QuickFit Engine Assurance Program, offered exclusively through Volvo CE, shortens downtime by more than 50 percent per preventive maintenance service event, according to the manufacturer.

Preparing equipment for the challenges of the season ahead keeps you safe and helps preserve the resilience of your truck equipment. Monroe Truck Equipment's versatile work-ready trucks, commercial snow plows and service parts help all season landscaper and contractors offer high value services every day of the year.

A thorough equipment walkaround before starting a shift can make a big difference, and it doesn't need to take a lot of time. Every good articulated hauler operator should establish a daily routine of prestart checks. Regular machine upkeep can ensure safety, while improving productivity and uptime.

Manitowoc has updated its free diagnostic app to include Crane Control System (CCS)-equipped Potain tower cranes, helping operators to interpret diagnostic codes generated by on-board control systems and reduce machine downtime. The app already supports many Grove, Manitowoc and National Crane cranes.

Undercarriages have a varied lifespan depending on numerous factors, including the quality of the product and the application in which it is used, as well as the operator. However, there are a number of steps you can take as the operator, owner or fleet manager to extend the life of your undercarriage, thereby delaying undercarriage repair and/or replacement.

Warranty and repair programs in the construction industry can be confusing and unclear. Komatsu's new Komatsu Care Plus and Komatsu Care Plus II programs — launched at ConExpo-Con/AGG 2020 — aim to change that. To create consistent coverage across the United States, the Komatsu Care Plus programs provide model-specific detail, outlining maintenance items serviced, repair coverages, program benefits, and terms and conditions.

Tenna, a construction technology platform for equipment fleet operations, has released new product solutions to address some of the most common problems plaguing jobsite crews, including Maintenance, Reserve It and Safety & Compliance. Tenna's Maintenance feature enables construction companies to manage and control their equipment fleet maintenance remotely, allowing for quick identification of maintenance or repair needs and timely resolutions to many preventable problems that cost crews across the country thousands in lost productivity.

As construction professionals who use cranes, you know how vital they are to your business and other business for whom you do work. Cranes are used 365 days a year, often long days, for extensive heavy lifting and transportation of just about any machinery and materials you could need for a large-scale project.

When it comes to heavy equipment, reliable hydraulic system performance is critical to productivity and profitability. A proper understanding of the hydraulic fluid, and its role in the efficient performance of the hydraulic systems of equipment used in off-highway, construction and utility work is the basis of optimizing the contractor's maintenance dollar, say hydraulics experts.

Cold oil uses expensive horsepower. Diesel, gasoline and LPG fueled engines are designed to extract useable horsepower from the fuel used to operate them. These engines are sized according to the work expected to be accomplished by each one. When the ambient temperature is at or above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, starting and operating follow a usual pattern.