Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)

Using an innovative bridge slide technique that accomplishes in days what ordinarily would take months, construction crews have placed a new Fourth Street bridge over Interstate 40 in Flagstaff. The new, wider bridge will improve traffic flow and have a dedicated path for bicycles and pedestrians connecting the Flagstaff Urban Trail System across the interstate.

Modular, prefabricated bridge designs have proven to be a critical component of accelerated bridge construction (ABC). The FHWA favors the ABC bridge construction technique especially in the design of highway bridges that feature varied spans, skew angles and construction materials.

One of the busiest highway corridors in the U.S. is Interstate 95, a stretch that runs north from Richmond, Va., before continuing around Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, New Haven, Conn., and Boston. Obviously, with cities of that size, the area served by I-95 is the most densely populated region in the nation.

Crews in Salt Lake County, Utah are working long hours to complete the Blackrock Reconstructed Project. The $41 million effort involves reconstructing three bridges along I-80 to provide safe and efficient travel for growing communities in Tooele County.

Mammoet has successfully completed the transport and lift of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport's newest expansion, an elevated pedestrian walkway for the future international arrival's facility. Part of the airport's $968 million expansion, the new bridge is only the second walkway in the world with suitable clearance for a Boeing 747 to taxi beneath.

The Route 18 road widening and bridge reconstruction project in Weymouth and Abington is the latest Accelerated Bridge construction project in Massachusetts, which includes others in the Accelerated Bridge Program, an eight year $3 billion campaign that targeted more than 500 bridges across the state.

Northern Construction Service LLC (NCS) is 13 months into the Massachusetts Department of Transportation's (MassDOT) $21.4-million project to demolish and reconstruct the Morgan-Sullivan Bridge and associated roadway, traffic signal and pedestrian improvements in Agawam and West Springfield, an initiative to replace aging infrastructure in the state.

The completion of the Stamford Atlantic Street bridge is the culmination of a multi-year project that began with the widening of Atlantic Street that was followed by the reconstruction of the Atlantic Street bridge, which requires only Metro North Railroad (MNR) track work for completion.

Gov. Ned Lamont and Department of Transportation Deputy Commissioner Anna Barry visited the area near Exit 9 on I-95 in Stamford, where over two weekends this summer the state will utilize a cost-effective and innovative method to replace a two-span bridge that carries Route 1 (East Main Street) over I-95.

Two down, two to go is the progress report for the Connecticut Department of Transportation bridge rehabilitation project that completed the second bridge in East Hartford, Conn., on Oct. 19 and will complete two more next year. The first bridge, on Potter School Road over 1-84 in Willington was completed first, on Aug.